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The Interrogator is the command ship of Grand Moff Claudius Rodney.
The Executor-class Star Dreadnought, colloquially known as the Executor-class Super Star Destroyer, Executor-class Star Destroyer or simply Super Star Destroyer, IS a heavy warship class in the Star Dreadnought league, often used as command ships and flagships in the Imperial Navy. They are among the largest vessels in the galaxy, and are almost invincible in combat, although they are costly to operate.
Manufacturer Kuat Drive Yards
Length 19,000 meters
Hyperdrive rating Class 2
Backup Class 10
Crew 279,144 plus 1,590 gunners
Passengers 38,000
Armament Turbolaser cannons (2,000)
Heavy turbolaser cannons (2,000)
Heavy ion cannons (250)
Assault concussion missile tubes (250)
Tractor beam projectors (40)
The Retributor, A Dress for a Droid, The Wrong Tool for the Job, Error Code: 0x0959286, Regifting, Puppetmaster, Stay of Execution, Rest and Recovery, The Rescuers, Plots and Plans, Pretty Little Liar, The Long Trip Home, Dead Inquisitor Walking, Checkmate, Clever Manipulation, Unleashed, Welcome Home, Running With the Wolves, A Visit to the Doctor, Worlds Collide, Real Love is Forever, Daddy's Little Man, R&R: Retributor and Recovery, The Losing Team, The Winning Team, Love and Marriage, Don't Mess with the Grand Moff's Wife, Trials and Tribulations, Absolute Abdication, Run Away and Never Return, Ups and Downs, I've Just Seen a Face, Opening Act, The Show Must Go On, The Wrath of a Good Man, Get Out of Jail Free Card, Zevrin's Malicious Masterpiece, Unfair Deals, Judgment Day, Woe Unto Chandrila, A Game of Cat and Mouse, And She Bare Him a Son, Desperate Departure, Never Sleep Alone, Crushing Hearts, Another Bomb Drops, Most Valuable Chiss, Higher Love, Taking the Bait, The Dragon's in the Black, A Strange Request, A Not So Helping Hand, The New Aide, Holodeck Commanders, A Meeting with the Major, The Hidden Family Pet, An Open Invitation, Communication Breakdown, The Traitor, Messenger Boy, Auntie Sierra's, Unanticipated Alliance
bullet Captain Tiberius Anson, Captain
bullet Commander Augustus Hood, First Officer
bullet Lieutenant Commander Mark Alexander, Engineering
bullet Lieutenant Commander Allegra Ames, Operations
bullet Lieutenant Meham'ohorovi'cloca, Tactical
bullet Ensign Bethany Sheppard, Conn
bullet 729th Fighter Wing
bullet 729/1 (TIE/IN interceptors)
bullet Major Reek Trolg, Group Captain
bullet 729/2 (TIE/LN starfighters)
bullet 729/3 (TIE/LN starfighters)
bullet 729/4 (TIE/rc starfighters)
bullet 729/5 (TIE/sa bombers)
bullet 729/6 (TIE/fc starfighters and TIE/gt starfighters)
bullet Lambda-class T-4a shuttle Ing
bullet Lambda-class T-4a shuttle Kwai
bullet Flight Lieutenant Haven Anson, Pilot
bullet Lambda-class T-4a shuttle Moei
bullet Lambda-class T-4a shuttle Phachi
bullet Lambda-class T-4a shuttle Sonthi
bullet Lambda-class T-4a shuttle Tapi
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