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Purchased new from Byblos Drive Yards by the millionaire playboy Lord Marcus Rodney, the Nerf Herder was extensively modified by OutlawTech on Nar Shaddaa. Although classified as a 'transport,' the Nerf Herder has the maneuverability and combat capabilities of a starfighter. In addition, the ship has a brig capable of holding eight prisoners.

The G-1A starfighter was a type of starfighter produced by Byblos Drive Yards. It was 15 meters long.

The bounty hunters Zuckuss and 4-LOM used a modified G-1A, the Mist Hunter.

Manufacturer Byblos Drive Yards
Length 25 meters
Hyperdrive rating Class 1
Backup Class 10
Crew 2
Passengers 8
Armament Assault laser cannons (2)

Tractor beam projector (1)

The Nerf Herder, Explosive Introduction, In the Jungle, A Knight and Her Armor, A Trianii Walks Into a Bar, The End of Enkido, Lies, Mistrust, and Deceit, So Long, Sulon, A Meddlesome Mom, The Rescue of Dimona, The Cool Uncle, An Unlikely Hero, Invasion of Privacy, The Ice Palace, Sixteen and Pregnant, Imperial-in-law, Destination Wedding, Pap Smear, Image of the Future, The Failing Duke, The Chase is On, Popping the Poachers, Now There Are Two of Them, The Burdens of Brotherhood, CSI: Leiliani, Sisters, Deception, A Girl Worth Fighting For, Big Semihappy Family, A Girl Named Callista, Birthday Bash, The Wrath of Papius, We Come to it at Last, Ewwiekewwieikkie and the Lost Ark, Next Destination: Ithor, And All Things Will End, Run Away and Never Return, Something Blue, Sia Later, Panic! at the Lakehouse, Beneath Still Waters
bullet Marcus Rodney, Pilot
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