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The Interrogator is the command ship of High Inquisitor Serine Thanor.
The Imperial II-class Star Destroyer, also known as the Imperial II-class Destroyer and colloquially the "ImpStar Deuce", was a Star Destroyer model that was derived from the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer.
Manufacturer Kuat Drive Yards
Length 1,600 meters
Hyperdrive rating Class 2
Backup Class 9
Crew 37,085
Passengers 9.700
Armament Turbolaser batteries (60)
Heavy ion cannons (60)
Tractor beam projectors (10)
The Crystal, Unintelligence, A Certain Kind of Crazy, The Beginning of Unsightly Truths, Slaughter, Questioning Sane Sanity, Second Chances, An Officer and an Inquisitor, Mediocrity at Best, The Newcomer, A Stunning First Day, One Last Chance, First Impressions, Two to Tango, El-Nay's Upbeat Day, Maximus Interruptus, Temper, Temper, There and Back Again, Horror Vacui, The Velvet Glove, Intimate Interrogation, A Meeting of Minds, The Prodigal Inquisitor, Unplanned Stowaway, Stranger Danger, A Place to Nest, Past to Present, Once More into the Breech, A Lesson for Someone, Another One Joins the Team, The Early Bird, Clash of the Egos, Bounty Hunter Report Card, Mando'Brat, Bird's Eye Report, Dead Inquisitor Walking, Necessary Deceit, Reporting on the Bounty Hunters, Bounty Herder, Fresh Commando Blood, Calm Before the Storm, Rain of Death, Impromptu Spar, Anger Rising, Tea and Caf, Darkness Descending, Painful Awakenings, Observations, Rumors, Betting, and Bacta, Reflections, The After Party, The Summons, The Conversation That Wasn't, To Slice or Not to Slice, Endings and Beginnings, The Shore Leave Proposal, Eye Spy, The Return, Consequences, Down a Dark Path, Questions and Clemency, Choices, Ripples in the Water, The Lost Commando
bullet Lieutenant Bernard Dunford, Tactical
bullet 610th Legion
bullet Colonel Mark Veller, High Colonel
bullet Sergeant Batua
bullet Imperial Intelligence
bullet Major Morgan Petrovna, Commander
bullet Commander Hunter Luscri
bullet Captain Hakan Jarl
bullet Miscellaneous personnel
bullet Doctor Cole Shuura
bullet Theo
bullet Conqueror-class assault ship Darkened Oblivion
bullet Sentinnel-class landing craft Blazing Bolt
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