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The Demon Cat is the personal ship of Petrus Flosgermen.
The Kazellis-class light freighter is a speedy freighter manufactured by the Kazellis Corporation. Due to the company's nationalization, these ships are rare. It comes equipped with modest shields and a quad light laser cannon for defense.

It is prized by smugglers and privateers who want a quick and comfortable ship that doesn't need a lot of modifications to be useful.

Manufacturer Corellian Engineering Corporation
Length 50 meters
Hyperdrive rating Class 2
Backup Class 12
Crew 1
Passengers 6
Armament Solar ionization cannon

Quad laser turret (2)

Concussion missile launcher

Proton torpedo tubes (4)

Tractor beam

Family Reunion, Deception, Zaranapping, A Girl Worth Fighting For, How to Catch a Duchess, SOS
bullet Petrus Flosgermen, Captain
bullet Luna Ta'em, First mate
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