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The Argo was manufactured by Corellian Engineering Corporation at their shipyards in the Corellian system. The vessel entered service with the Royal Alderaan Civil Fleet twenty years before the Battle of Yavin. During the Clone Wars the ship patrolled the Alderaan system. Following the war, Alderaan underwent a period of disarmament and the Argo and other military resources were auctioned off or disposed of.

The Argo was rescued from the scrapheap seventeen years before the Battle of Yavin when it was purchased by Krenza Freight to be used as a transport. For fifteen years the Argo plied the Rimma Trade Route for Krenza Freight before attracting the attention of the dread pirate Danaan Talrus. In a daring raid near Adarlon, Talrus captured the vessel, seized its cargo, and auctions its crew off as slaves to the highest bidder.

The vessel remained in Talrus' pirate fleet until a run-in with Moff Kalvin Shevon convinced him to begin supplying the fledgling Rebel Alliance. The Argo was among the resources Talrus 'donated' one year before the Battle of Yavin. Assigned to the Rebel Alliance Fleet, the Argo was placed under the command of Captain Rhobert Dartanyn, who had actually served aboard the vessel during the Clone Wars.

Following Dartyn's death during the Argo's disastrous Mission to Thyferra, Lieutenant Derek Atio, the vessel's engineer, took command.

Following the Mission to Thyferra, Atio brought the damaged vessel back to the Rebel base on Dantooine, where he expected to receive a new captain, make repairs, and re-supply. Unfortunately, the Alliance's position on Dantooine had been compromised and no such assistance could be provided. Atio received a brevet promotion to Commander and was instructed to evacuate Captain Dagon Tong's commando unit and proceed to the Thuris sector.

Just twelve hours after leaving Dantooine, the Argo undertook its Mission to Arzid and successfully raided the Imperial Outpost there for intelligence and supplies. After evading the EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate Swiftsure, the Argo regrouped with the bulk of the Alliance Fleet in the Vergesso Asteroids where it is underwent makeshift repairs.

The Argo's next assignment was the Mission to Berea. Using information obtained in the raid on the Empire's Arzid outpost, Alliance Intelligence was able to obtain the location and details surrounding the Imperial prison labor camp on the frozen world of Berea. Captain Tong's commando unit successfully liberated twenty-four Rebel prisoners. After evading attacks from TIE/ln starfighters the Argo once again returned to the Vergesso Asteroids.

While operating the Yaga system, the Argo successfully captured the Imperial shuttle Anxates and captured Moff Tharil Tavira's Human Replica Droid.

The Argo next embarked on the Mission to Sriluur. The mission's object was to link up with members of the Weequay resistance, however the Argo was damaged and forced to make emergency repairs on the moon of Ruul. After making repairs, the Argo proceeded to Sriluur where Captain Tong's commando unit linked with members of the resistance, but their presence was detected by Imperial patrols and they were forced to withdraw before completing their objectives.

Following the Mission to Sriluur, the Argo was transferred to the Alderaan system. She was reassigned to the task of ferrying personnel and supplies to Massassi Station, the new Alliance base on Yavin 4.

After being reassigned to the new base on Yavin 4, the Argo undertook its Mission to Moshaw. While operating near the vicinity of the Moshaw Dark Star, the commando unit successfully raided a communications relay station where they uncovered important information concerning Imperial convoys in the Eriadu sector. Using this information, the Argo was able to successfully capture the Imperial shuttle Tenedos and valuable technical components it was carrying.

Following that mission, the Argo were dispatched to the Ringali Shell to deliver General Akilist Volkov safely to Yavin 4. After clashing with Imperial Naval forces with the support of the 39th Roving Line, the Argo was able to successfully deliver the General to Alliance High Command.

The Mission to Sluis Van saw the Argo once again ferrying Tong's commandos deep within Imperial territory on a mission of the utmost importance. Using a diplomatic transponder, the Argo ferried the commandos to an Imperial garrison on Sluis Van where they were able to successfully liberate one of the Imperial Navy's new assault gunboats.

Currently, the Argo is currently engaged in the Mission to Brentaal IV and is operating from within the Ringali Nebula near the secret Alliance space station. In this capacity, she has regularly clashed with Imperial naval forces and resumed her more conventional role as a blockade runner. With Tong's commandos deployed to the surface of Brentaal IV, the crew of the Argo is relegated to the role of ferrying supplies past the Imperial Navy.

The CR90 corvette, commonly referred to as the Corellian corvette or the Rebel blockade runner, is a small, multi-purpose capital ship manufactured by Corellian Engineering Corporation.

The CR90 has a wide variety of users throughout the galaxy, from pirates to corporations to galactic navies, and has a known operation life as early as 52 BBY. It possesses the same legendary adaptability as other CEC products, which allows it to serve in roles as mundane as freight hauling or as a high-profile diplomatic escort.
Manufacturer Corellian Engineering Corporation
Length 150 meters
Hyperdrive rating Class 2
Crew 30-165
Passengers Up to 600
Armament Dual turbolaser turrets (2)

Single turbolaser turrets (4)

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bullet Lieutenant Riffa'rdac'olounasa, Co-Pilot
bullet Petty Officer Tashi Ling, Pilot
bullet Lieutenant Wes Thrum, Pilot
bullet Lieutenant Riak Wheeler, Pilot
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