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Tong's Commandos, also known as Cuy'val Dar, is an Alliance Special Forces unit.

Typically tasked with Advanced Force Operations, sabotage, and destabilization of either planetary forces and governments loyal to the Empire, or Imperial forces directly, Tong's Commandos are often given a great deal of leeway in mission planning and execution. They are usually deployed into areas where there is little chance of direct support, and thus have become extremely adept at guerrilla warfare tactics.

Unlike other special operations units, the Cuy'val Dar does not often have the time or opportunity to select the best and brightest of the Rebellion armed forces or from other special operations units. Instead, the majority of their operators have come from infantry units that could spare a man in the short time that the Argo was in port, usually right before the Imperials were spotted on their attack vector. This results in men being thrust into situations they were never trained for, and weren't ready for.

The results do not however, reflect these desperate recruiting practices. For some reason, perhaps simple providence in that those chosen can operate relatively smoothly in the face of the immense pressure and stress by the missions they undertake, or perhaps simply because the unit's commanding officer and the core of seasoned operators that guide the reserves on the ground refuses to accept failure, the Cuy'val Dar's operational history is excellent. They have had a lasting impact on the operational capacity of various Imperial units, and have created enough chaos and space for other SpecForce units that are not known as much for their ruthless efficiency to operate freely on planets that were previously too tightly controlled for them to infiltrate.



Captain Dagon Tong


Sergeant Major Rake Carson
Intelligence Officer

Lieutenant Quar Klynn

Supply Officer

Lieutenant Leo Kincaid


Urban Combat Specialists Infiltrators Heavy Weapons Specialists Technicians
Sergeant Zek Correson

Sergeant Korr Machton

Sergeant Zev Ordo

Sergeant Avary Renault

Sergeant Evan Teague

Trooper Jace Mereel

Trooper Sado-Zur

Trooper Leilia Sangre

Trooper Alanya Rockture

Trooper Kanner Varrik

Corporal Lovora Rikki

Corporal Seekith Shardin

Sergeant Reilly Judah

Corporal Jason Athol

Sergeant Aami Tina'da

Corporal Xiri Tallare

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