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The ShadowWhispers are an elite force of Imperial Commandos deployed to the Ringali Shell. Often called Shadowmen by their enemies, the ShadowWhispers are comprised of highly trained operatives selected for their physical and mental prowess by Stormtrooper Command. The Unit is stationed on the main garrison of Brentaal, with several safehouses scattered throughout the expansive city. Like other Commando Units, the ShadowWhispers are skilled in the specialties of counter-insurgency operations, siege-breaking missions and sabotage.

The Unit is proficient in the use of numerous weapon types. The signature black armor itself able to conceal several varieties of smaller firearms while also providing adequate protection against light and sensor energy. The armor features a sound-dampening field to aid in infiltration, along with a thermal detonator that can be used if the commando was faced with capture.

Operating outside of the usual Imperial chain of command, the ShadowWhispers are often tasked with directly locating and eliminating hostile Rebel resistance cells. While the Unit has the ability to utilize additional Imperial military support when encountering heavy opposition on an operation, the commandos typically view their own capabilities as superior to those of their Army comrades and will finish the job themselves.

bullet Commander Kerrie Kiley, Commander
bullet Captain Thaddeus Updike, Second-in-Command
bullet Lieutenant Brianna Visla, Platoon Commander
bullet Trooper Kaiya Crion
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