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The Ringali Shell Sector Force is the overall command authority of Rebel Alliance forces throughout the entire Ringali region. Led by General Akilist Volkov, the Sector Force is charged with assessing the sector's tactical situation, creating overall Alliance strategy and implementing its objectives through raids and operations. With the Sector Base itself hidden within the depths of the Ringali Nebula, the Sector Force operates as an unseen power behind all Rebellion activities.

Semi-autonomous from the rest of the Alliance, all Sector Forces receive overarching coordination from Sector Command. Broad directives are transmitted from Sector Command to individual Forces, with each Force commander deciding how those directives are to be accomplished. While Command itself has the authority to personally oversee missions within a specific Force, granting each Force greater autonomy allows capable leaders and soldiers to develop against the Empire.

Sector Forces are often charged with raising their own ships and troops to combat the Empire, but resources from Alliance High Command may also be granted. The Ringali Shell Sector Force currently utilizes the services of the 39th Roving Line, a small task force of capital ships that is used for defense and raiding purposes. The Corsair Squadron and Knave Squadron also provide combat assistance for the Force.

Similar to the Alliance itself, the Sector Force contains various departments to direct its efforts. Officers are appointed to direct both the capital ship and starfighter branches, while a small cadre of transport ships creates the Force's Ordinance and Support unit. The Sector also possesses notable Special Forces assets, in the form of both Alliance Intelligence and SpecForce.

With General Volkov responsible for creating the Alliance overall strategy within the Ringali Shell. Volkov's plans of attack has turned the Ringali Shell Sector Force into a powerful Alliance asset in the fight against the Empire.


Commander in Chief

Emi Shinohara

Chief of Staff

Ava Khalessi

Command Group

General Bri Quabil

Ringali Station

General Akilist Volkov


Liaison Officer

Lieutenant Vance Dajus



Captain Rhobert Dartanyn



Special Forces

Captain Dagon Tong

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