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The Ringali Shell Sector Office serves as the focal point for all official Imperial Security Bureau activities within the Oversector. Prior to the deployment of 219th Battle Squadron, the Sector Office was a minor ISB branch administered by Major Pek Eklon. Following his death at the hands of the Rebellion, the Sector Office was greatly overhauled and expanded. Central ISB operations resumed aboard the Star Destroyer Warspite, with Major Arden Zevrin assuming command of Bureau functions.

Each Sector Office features six ISB subdivisions to enact Bureau policies. Surveillance focuses on finding individuals linked to the Rebellion, monitoring their activities and observing any collaborators. Investigations spearheads efforts to capture and neutralize dangerous individuals, utilizing military support if needed. Enforcement provides specialized mission roles when required, with agents trained in more advanced forms of combat than their peers.

The Interrogation subdivision prides itself on retrieving unwilling information from individuals, with their suspects typically disappearing from the galaxy afterwards. Internal Affairs vigorously monitors all levels of the Imperial Military, even watching the ISB itself. The Re-Education branch dedicates itself to adjusting the viewpoints of those convicted by Internal Affairs, often to the point of chemical or surgical obedience.

These ISB divisions are routinely deployed in tandem with one another, attempting to use cooperation to expose and eliminate threats to the New Order. The Sector Office coordinates activities among the groups, with all information relayed to the Commanding Sector Officer. The Sector Office then reports to the Commission of Operations, ensuring ISB Command is abreast of all ongoing developments.

Covert operations authorized by the Commission fall outside of the purview of the Sector Office, as such missions encompass a scope broader than the six primary subdivisions. Imperial Intelligence is also unwilling to collaborate with the ISB, as each organization views the other as an undeserving rival. Beyond these complications, however, the ISB Sector Office possesses qualified resources to uncover, monitor and eradicate any resistance to the Galactic Empire.



Major Arden Zevrin


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Internal Affairs


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