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The Ringali Shell Sector Plexus serves as the central nexus of all Imperial Intelligence operations within the Oversector. Commanded by Major Vanara Jolan, the Plexus is charged with gathering information concerning the Empire's enemies and subsequently executing missions to destroy those foes. While smaller in size and manpower compared to the Imperial Security Bureau, Intelligence contains highly experienced agents and impressive records of success.

Each Sector Plexus is comprised of several subdivisions to ensure efficient delegation of Intelligence activities. The Analysis Bureau examines information from tens of millions of sources, searching for patterns of enemy activity for clues of potential whereabouts. The Internal Organization Bureau provides internal and external security for every Plexus, ensuring the safety of operatives as well as detecting and eliminating infiltrators within Intelligence. Several System Cells were also present within a Plexus, comprised of small teams of agents tasked with varying mission profiles depending on the opposition present.

The largest branch within each Plexus is the Bureau of Operations. This division provides the majority of manpower and agents for Intelligence operations, with the Bureau itself divided into Surveillance, Infiltration, Counter-Intelligence, Destabilization and Assassination. Operating with a large mandate provided by the Plexus commander, the Bureau of Operations is able to autonomously locate, observe and neutralize dangerous threats to the Empire's rule.

The combination of specialized branches makes each Sector Plexus a potent tool of the Galactic Empire. Whether potential dissidents are to be monitored or Rebel cells are to be eradicated, Imperial Intelligence possesses the ability to successfully fulfill a wide variety of critical and necessary operations on behalf of the New Order.



Major Serra Eona

Brentaal System Cell

Chandrila System Cell

Corulus System Cell

Essesia System Cell

Commander Min Traebor

Ralltiir System Cell

Rhinnal System Cell

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