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Black Sun is the most powerful and infamous crime syndicate in the galaxy.

A Vigo is a title used by the Black Sun crime syndicate to denote the organization's leadership. At any given time, nine of these lieutenants each oversee a different region of the galaxy and report directly to the organization's head, the Black Sun Underlord.

The word Vigo means "nephew" in Old Tionese, which creates the semblance of a familial bond between the leadership, making them appear stronger and indivisible to outsiders.

Selected from the ranks of Black Sun's membership, the Vigos only number nine and are independently wealthy and possess of great influence. Assigned to oversee the organization's operations in one of nine sectors of the galaxy, the Vigos report directly to Black Sun's leader, the Underlord; when the Underlord died or was deposed, one of the sitting Vigos would replace him or her.

bullet Ixion Chall, Vigo
bullet Kalista Mandu, Sub-Vigo
bullet Tosha Previn, Sub-Lieutenant
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