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Within the safety of the Ringali Nebula, the Alliance has established a secret base on a converted mining station. From this strategic location at the nexus of the Perlemian Trade Route and the Hydian Way the Alliance can strike at Imperial targets on Brentaal, Chandrila, Corulag, Esseles, Ralltiir, and Rhinnal.

The sector is commanded by the veteran General Akilist Volkov who has a wide array of resources at his disposal including starfighters, capital ships, and ground troops. Since its creation, Ringali Station has succeeded in disrupting Imperial shipping and inserting urban guerillas to conduct covert operations on the planets of the Ringali Shell. With the Imperial crackdown on Ralltiir overseen by Lord Tion, Ringali Station has been placed on the frontlines of the Galactic Civil War.



Era of Rebellion, Into the Breech, Valuable Asset, Change of Uniform, Breakout, The Blame Game, Courier Service, The Best Laid Plans, Day 93, Crossroads, First Time, A Chance Encounter, Drunk and Disorderly, Regrouping, Mission Parameters, The Spice of Life, Meddroid Malfunction, Closeted, Suspicion or Sabotage, Shipping Repairs, All's Fair in Love and War, Home Plans, A Droid for the Duchess, The Best Little Slavehouse on Kooriva, The Talk, The First Command, On the Brink, Unwelcome Intervention, Nightcap, Plus One, Sideshow of a Sideshow, First Responder, Big Things Have Small Beginnings, The Rescuers, A Death in the Family, Nil Nisi Bonum, Meeting of Old Friends, Command Intent, A Call to Action, A Pilot's Life for Me, A Streak of Good Luck, Closer, Planning Next the Phase, Dartanyn Fine Vinting, Sortie Selection, Is That All You Think About, Revealing the Demons, Rhire Recon, After Action Report, Rescues are Built on Hope, The Lost Commando


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