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Rhinnal is a planet in the star system of the same name in the Darpa sector of the Core Worlds. Orbited by two moons and located in the Ringali Shell, the region of space along the Perlemian Trade Route near the Ringali Nebula, Rhinnal possesses almost no axial tilt and a near-circular orbit, giving the planet very little seasonal variations. Encased in a planet-wide ice age tens of thousands of years before the Galactic Republic's collapse, Rhinnal had begun to thaw by the time it was one of the Core Founders of the Republic in 25,053 BBY, having been settled by Humans from Notron. A colony of nearby Esseles for much of its history, Rhinnal soon gained a reputation as a medical wonderworld, with a Jedi chapter house and the Rhinnal State Medical Academy in the capital of Rhire producing some of the galaxy's best doctors.

Renowned for its beauty and pristine environment, Rhinnal also developed a textile industry in addition to its pharmaceutical and cybernetics industry, and the native Rhinnalians are known for their fierce loyalty to their clans. Rhinnal was freed from Esseles' control with the rise of the Galactic Empire.



A Case of Need, Medical Mishap, The Doctor's Dilemma, Rendezvous on Rhinnal, Art Deal, Target of Opportunity, Reigning Back In, Rhinnal Runabout, Not Yet a Killer, Hapan Happenings, A Message From Home, Supplies Surprise, Recruitment on Rhinnal, A Softer Touch, Casualties, Recovery, Unfortunate Daughter, Head and Tail, A Deal With the Devil, The Storm, Chasing Ghosts, Free at Last, I Have a Use for You, The Dam Busters, Rescues are Built on Hope, Bad Medicine


bullet Rhire
bullet Cantina
bullet Dagon Tong's safe house
bullet Imperial Detention Center 208-B
bullet Marketplace
bullet Old Dandarin's junkyard
bullet Rhinnal Prime pharmaceutical plant
bullet Rhinnal Prime storage facility
bullet Rhinnal State Medical Academy
bullet Spaceport
bullet Tapcafe
bullet The Rusty Lekku


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