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Ralltiir is a planet in the Ralltiir system of the Darpa sector in the Core Worlds. The second planet in orbit of the star Rallt, Ralltiir has twenty-eight moons and three continents that wrap around the planet. A major financial center in the galactic economy, Ralltiir was a member world of the Galactic Republic but remained largely neutral in galactic politics to ensure that the finances of its inhabitants remained safe from political influences and war. Located in the Ringali Shell, a string of planets along the Perlemian Trade Route that lies near the Ringali Nebula, Ralltiir was one of the only planets in the Darpa sector to remain independent from the Esselian Empire. Besides its financial services, Ralltiir is also a major source of marble, as the planet's mountain ranges feature large deposits of marble and are riddled with quarries, and its population of 10 billion sentients are almost entirely Humans.

During the Galactic Civil War between the Galactic Empire and the Alliance to Restore the Republic, Emperor Palpatine decided to make an example of Ralltiir and dispatched Lord Tion with an Imperial fleet to the Ralltiir system in 0 BBY. Tion's bombardment and subsequent invasion of the planet, coupled with a blockade of the Ralltiir system that choked off the Perlemian Trade Route, continues to last.



Remembrance, Ambush at Grallia, Brothery Love, Sibling Scuffle, Salibury Stakeout, Delivery Mishap, Shuttle Stealing, AT-ST Ambush, Six Feet Under, Two Minutes to Midnight, Precious Cargo, Derailed, Arranged Invitation, Hazard Pay, The Lady or the Tiger, Licking Wounds


bullet Cambrielle
bullet Theus' family estate
bullet Grallia
bullet Cantina
bullet Refugee village
bullet Salibury
bullet Drake Yukio's estate
bullet GalTech warehouse
bullet Ghent Street safe house
bullet OrionTech depot
bullet Tenelton Ridge military depot
bullet Yellow Tail Cantina


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