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Mae Vinjagga, "Auntie Mae", had a dream. She dreamed that children could eat delicious flavors of ice cream that she, personally, had crafted. After graduating from culinary school, she began blindly following her dream. Auntie Mae's ice cream was first a small cart which she pushed around the city of Leiliani. Her obscure flavor combinations earned attention from customers and the press. The establishment quickly grew until Auntie Mae's gained wheels—and an engine. The ice cream speeder turned out to be an even more lucrative investment. Classic flavors like 'Galaxy Blast', and 'Starfruit Sensation', Auntie Mae, once again, rose to dominate her competition. It was shortly after that when the woman opened the doors for the very first Auntie Mae's ice cream parlor within the city of Leilani. The business caught a break when a very odd purple ice cream was found favorable to a certain member of nobility. Now, Auntie Mae's has become a popular franchise around Delaya. Auntie Mae has catered to royal wedding both near and far. One thing is for sure: Auntie Mae's is here to stay.
Heir Presumptive, The Alderaanian Adoptee, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, I Can't Believe I Ate the Whole Thing, Auntie Mae's Revenge
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