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Corellia is the capital planet of the Corellian system, which includes Selonia, Drall, Tralus, and Talus. It is also the birthplace of smuggler Han Solo as well as Rogue Squadron pilot Wedge Antilles, along with many other humans who play important roles in the Rebel Alliance.

Collectively, the planets of the system are known as the Five Brothers. As the largest planet and the closest to Corell, Corellia is often called the "Eldest Brother" or the "Eldest." Historians believed the Celestials assembled the system artificially, the worlds brought from other parts of the galaxy for unknown reasons. Some believed that these Celestials populated Corellia with Humans from Coruscant.



Shop 'Til You Drop, Happiness Waits for No One, Brotherhood, Avenger, Return to Old Pasts, Odd Job, Hot Load, Permission to Land, Lies, Mistrust, and Deceit, So Long, Sulon, Loose Ends, It's a Small Galaxy (After All), The Big 4-0


bullet Auntie Maeland
bullet Hotel
bullet Coronet City
bullet Blazing Bolt cantina
bullet Bounty Hunters' Guild hall
bullet Corellian Defense Force command center
bullet Couture & More
bullet Leonidas Fox' apartment
bullet Vrask Holm's estate
bullet Doaba Guerfel
bullet Spaceport
bullet The Alderaan Café
bullet Gold Beaches
bullet Tyrena
bullet Jerra Kaen's estate
bullet Vrask Holm's estate


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