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Chandrila is the second planet in the Chandrila system of the Bormea sector, located in the Core Worlds, along the Perlemian Trade Route. It is the homeworld of Rebel Alliance leader Mon Mothma. ChandrilTech is headquartered on Chandrila.


Poison Cell, Seizing the Senator, Relic Hunter, Damsel in Distress, Shock Blaster Wedding, Family Annihilator, A Tricky Rescue, Two Heads for None, Power Trip, Deep in the Grey, A Not So Ordinary Mandalorian, Paid in Full, Hunted, Trespass, Dangerous Liaisons, Mouths to Feed, Of Opera Houses and Soup Kitchens, Dangerous Business, An Open Invitation, Reservations for Two, A Special Delivery


bullet Hanna City
bullet Assembly Hall
bullet The Blackback Inn
bullet Canna Omonda's estate
bullet Church
bullet Cole Duine's cantina
bullet Cole Duine's Shelter for the Needy
bullet Dagon Tong's safehouse
bullet Ding Phest's estate
bullet Opera house
bullet Pax Amelia's estate
bullet Power station
bullet Spaceport
bullet Tea Garden
bullet Twisted Lekku
bullet Warehouse district
bullet Imperial garrison
bullet Nayli
bullet Fawn Pleshette's estate


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