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Brentaal IV, known more commonly as Brentaal, is a planet in the Brentaal system of the Core Worlds's Bormea sector and one that occupies what is arguably the most valuable location in the entire galaxy: the intersection of the Hydian Way and the Perlemian Trade Route, two of the galaxy's major hyperlanes. The fourth planet in orbit around the star Brenta, Brentaal has two moons and is located in the Ringali Shell, a string of star systems along the Perlemian that are near the Ringali Nebula. An arid world with warm and temperate weather, Brentaal features two large polar caps and an equator marked by deserts and steaming oceans; most of the planet's available land is dominated by warehouses, cargo holding facilities, commerce exchanges, and other trade-related structures. Brentaal's capital of Cormond and its Trade Hall are the seat of power on the planet, with the hundreds of Brentaal Housesóthe influential families that run the planet's trade guildsórepresenting the citizens in Brentaal's democratic government.

As a result of its location along the Perlemian Trade Route, Brentaal is a major commerce hub that became an economic power when it joined the Galactic Republic sometime before 22,000 BBY, as it served as a checkpoint for traffic entering the Republic along the Perlemian. A Brentaalan hyperspace scout named Freia Kallea further bolstered her homeworld's affluence and economic power when she charted the Hydian Way around 3700 BBY, making Brentaal the only planet to sit at the intersection of two galactic superhighways. Brentaal's economic importance made it a frequent target of military conquests; conflicts such as the New Sith Wars, the Clone Wars, and the Galactic Civil War, all saw the planet become a battleground at least once as various governments and factions fought to control Brentaal's vital hyperspace junction.



Darkness Falls, Delivery to Daeric, First Payment in a While, A Quick and Easy Payday, Good Fortune, Return to Old Pasts, Hit and Miss, Crisscrossed on the Double Cross, Mischief, Merchant of Death, A Hunter's Pleasure, Odd Job, Bad Aim, A Night to Remember, Hot Load, Engagement Imminent, A Sting is Born, Soldier's Meeting, Prize of the Spy, Getting Ready for the Show, Even Bothans Like Spice, A Snake in the Lair, The Beginning of a Long Day, Opening Night, Unknown Cargo, On the Run, Marketplace Mayhem, The Admiral's Women, Philanthropy Lost, The Market Revisited, The Nerf Herder, The Safe House, The End of Enkido, A New Type of War, Coffee Talk, Bargains and Bargaining Chips, Home Invasion, Field Day, Supply Run, Exotic Animals, The Wolfpack, Ignoble Rendezvous, Testing the Waters, The Pawn, Field Promotion, Devolutions, Hurry Up and Wait, About Your Father, Daddy Dearest, Snared, Passing the Test, Counterfeit Crackdown, Entrapment, Buttons, Arranged Escape, Checkpoint, Killer Clawdite, Closed for Repairs, Shopping Spree, Establishing a Sense of Order, A Day Long Remembered, Rules of a Meeting, The Best Laid Plans, Cantina Chaos, Isod's Gambit, The Calm Before the Storm, Transponder Trouble, Dinner is Served, Blood in the Water, Credentials Revoked, Maintenance, Day 93, An Evening With the Count, Risky Business, Interesting People, A Proposition, Hidden Dimensions, Crossroads, Miss Information, The Consultant, Easy Prey, Mistakes Were Made, Teaching a Lesson, Making Amends, Clothes Shopping, Without a Hitch, The Gathering Storm, A Night of Firsts, Gunrunning, Lunar Eclipse, Property of Petrus, Unleashed, Catfight, Assassination Deception, Soft Target


bullet Cormond
bullet Ardent family estate
bullet BlasTech construction site
bullet Chall Freight office
bullet City Square
bullet Cormond Museum of Arts
bullet Criosk's estate
bullet Dagon Tong's safe house
bullet Emi Shinohara's estate
bullet Enkido's estate
bullet E'zzeal's estate
bullet Hall of Records
bullet Ithar Cortune's shop
bullet Medcenter
bullet Nino's cantina
bullet Ohmer Wilton's estate
bullet Quar Klynn's apartment
bullet RSSF Horizon Training Facility
bullet SallicheAg docking bay
bullet Sentice Avenue safe house
bullet Spaceport
bullet Storm Commando safe house
bullet Sylvain Isod's estate
bullet Tapcafe
bullet Terril Square Army outpost
bullet The Kriin Room
bullet The Speakeasy
bullet The Spicer's Folly
bullet The Unlucky Star
bullet Thrall's cantina
bullet Trade Hall
bullet Verus Theus' safe house
bullet Curavao
bullet Imperial garrison
bullet Oradin
bullet Votrad
bullet Benjamin Nam'a'taht's estate
bullet Nam'a'taht Shipping, Limited Tower
bullet Petrus Flosgermen's apartment


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