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Most people are content to go about their business, letting the galaxy and its ever-tumultuous political happenings pass them by, and Zev Ordo was no different. Oldest son of Cait Ordo, a local merchant and small arms dealer, and Dina Ordo, mother first and academic second, Zev spent his youth getting two educations, one in school, and one in his father's shop, learning the ins-and-outs of the weapons business. The Ordo's second son, Askah Ordo, was born when Zev was five, and not coincidentally, so was every substantial memory of Zev's life. For the next ten years of his life, Askah was inseparable from Zev. Once Askah was old enough to attend school, the two walked together to and from, often discussing the weekend's shockball games or what new blaster in Cait's shop was the best.

Things changed when Zev went on to high school. At Age sixteen, Zev was nearly a man by his father's standards. Cait's business had grown considerably since Zev was born, and it seemed only fitting that his oldest son should be groomed to take over the business some day. Still an avid shockball fan, Zev rarely had the opportunity to play thanks to his new responsibilities at his father's shop. Askah walked home from school alone now, often to the sight of his mother reading and the sad silence that accompanied it.

After Zev's graduation from high school, Dina steered him towards a university, as the obvious "next step" for his future. While Zev's heart was in arms dealing like his father, how could he deny the wish of the woman who never denied him a single thing in his entire life? Zev enrolled with feigned eagerness and took up chemistry and engineering. If he were going, he would at least make it pay off down the road when Cait's business was passed on to him. However, Zev was busier then ever now, balancing his work and school. Askah was in high school now, and Zev's love of shockball rubbed off on him. Askah made the school's shockball team, and by his third year was co-captain. Cait and Dina saw Askah matches when they could, but often this meant that Zev was stuck at the shop.

In Askah's final year of high school, he led the shockball team to the regional championship. The championship was scheduled to take place the same day that Cait had a meeting planned with some "important people" Zev never thought twice about his father's get-together and promptly took the opportunity to watch his brother's match with his mother. The two of them celebrated Askah's victory, and for a moment, Zev was living vicariously through his younger brother. Together, the three of them returned home to celebrate and share the good news with Cait.

When Cait did not come home at sunset the Ordo's barely noticed. Cait came home at different times each day; such was the nature of running your own shop. When the jubilation from Askah's victory wore off, Zev remembered the "important people" his father was scheduled to meet you. Anxiously, Zev rushed off to Cait's shop only to find the lights off. Drawing his DL-22, Zev inserted his keycard and entered the shop through the backdoor. In an instant, the motion-sensor lights went on. What Zev saw next was an image that haunts his dreams to this day. Cait's body lay beaten and bruised, swollen much like a drowned corpse. The credits, the weapons, everything was here. This was no robbery … it was an execution. Beside Cait's body lay his modified slugthrower. Zev knelt down and checked the chamber of his father's relic. Nearly the entire clip was empty. The shock of the scene just beginning to set in, Zev's hands trembled from fear and overwhelming sadness. His father had been murdered…but why? Searching for answers, Zev noticed a trail of blood leading towards the front door of the shop. The blood looked dry now, but it was smeared, as if a body had been dragged. "That's it," Zev thought, "My old man must have taken one down before they got to him" This was a small consolation, but for a moment it distracted him from his enormous loss. Out of the corner of his eye, Zev noticed something else … a datapad. With the press of a button the screen blinked on, and after a brief perusal, it all became clear. Buried amongst the useless information on the assailant's datapad was a message to one of the Empire's officials, fingering Cait as an arms dealer and weapons smuggler for Rebel Alliance task forces in the Corellia sector. The reply message was time-stamped just a few hours ago, and called for Cait's death in exchange for ten thousand credits. In the end, that was all Cait's life was worth.

Cait's death received little press, written off as a robbery and merely bad luck for a man in a shady business. These things happen, the authorities said. Dina, Zev and Askah left for Alderaan soon after Cait's death. Dina explained to her two sons the truth behind Cait's operation. All this time, all of the backroom transactions, the "missing" inventory and the not-so-legal weapons modifications, none of it clicked until now … Zev's old man really was a Rebel sympathizer.

An entire hyperspace journey to think of his father's demise, Zev stared blankly at his father's bloodstained slugthrower. The Ordo's were on Alderaan for but a few weeks before Zev became involved with the Rebel Alliance. Revenge ever in his heart, his mother's wisdom in his head, Zev sought to retaliate against those who organized the hit on his father … the Empire. Every captured Imperial cargo vessel, sabotaged speeder, or political rally started on a fringe planet was a step towards satiating that desire for revenge. For thirteen years, Zev has tried to quench the thirst, attaining the rank of Sergeant in the Rebel Alliance Army in the process. Yet forever etched in his memory is the bloated and bruised visage of his father and the bloodstained backroom of the old weapons shop.

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