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First Payment in a While, Return to Old Pasts, Odd Job, Café Society, Gunboat Diplomacy, Checkpoint, Closed for Repairs, Supplies Surprise, An Act of Piracy, Suspicion or Sabotage, All's Fair in Love and War, A Softer Touch, A Droid for the Duchess, The Best Little Slavehouse on Kooriva, On the Brink, The Storm, Rhire Recon

Other than the normal ranks of Han Solo and Dash Rendar, a independent smuggler thrives the galaxy to search of his ambition. The ambition is longed proceed to become extinct ever since the dawns of his early childhood in the planet Corellia. Zek Correson lives among the galaxy getting hired excessively for odd jobs producing extorted goods to be transported illegally to a new destination. His cover evidently needs to be sheathed due to the inhabits of the Empire having the nerve on capturing Smugglers for their personal means or lock up into a cell.

Zek was born in the waterworld of Corellia. A isolated yet, sophisticated island inhabit by the richest of water. The intelligent man began his life as a farmer growing in the Correson Farm. Among there, he thrived and cropped the fields of the farm till a day of reckoning occurred in his life. Even having a friend name Brent O'Riley who kept himself very private, but shared many of his authentic adventure stories involving his reluctant piracy and alluring passion for smuggling. Zek became quite fascinated by the idea, but he merely cannot accept such a life all together. One afternoon, he went near the market to buy vegetable seeds for the crop field that led his return to discover a mob of unknown men who murdered his parents before him. Watching as they silenced their cry's and whimpers to an endless debate of murderers. Brent discovered the boy hiding in a the small hut where he had taken the liberty to watch over the young man.

Years passed that Zek no longer carried the happiness nor joy that many have seem to be. At the tender age of nineteen, Correson grew very interested to the life of a smuggler again. Only to discover the ordinary confinements of different elaborate equipment and an attire that his guardian Brent had. Brent introduced him to the stories to share for entertainment, but many of them were in fact true. Zek kept a mere hatred for the man who murdered his family. He found out that man has been living among the planet Corellia ever since. Practically overthrowing the government, and bribing officials to obtain a right to create havoc to the planet. Zek wanted revenge and pursued to endeavor a vendetta. Brent started training the boy, even providing the generic pistol.

By the age of twenty-five, Zek's guardian and mentor, Brent, passed away from old age. Watching as the man was no longer with him to teach him. But, Brent mentioned it was time for Zek to pursue the dream. Zek started slowly earning credits he saved from working as a regular farm boy on Corellia. There, he met a beautiful woman named Marian. Marian and Zek cherished one another like best friends, but the two exquisitely became lovers by then. Zek bought his own ship at a market that sold at a high price. Enough credits that lasted for no more than six years was worth it. He named his ship the Vendetta.

Zek started the life of a smuggler, but he has unfinished business to attend to. The Smuggler started running a few shipments in and out of the planet to only receive expensive credits and high quality money. By then, he gotten a job where he was asked to transport a luxury boxes of weapons. Ranging from blasters to rifles and even detonators. He accepted, and found out it was from the same man who murdered his family. Sometime, he gotten a distress call from his love, Marian. It seems, the man who murdered his family has pursued to kill her and is planning to blow his ship up. Zek immediately discovered through out his search in the ship a explosive he had to rid. Immediately, he launched an escape pod out into orbit that liberated to shattered pieces. A last distinctive cry flared from the monitor and radio communication of his love, Marian. Correson thrusted to hyper speed till he reached Corellia. Upon arrival, he found the hut the pair have spending for over a year. Discovered her body and blood that ran through out the grain sand. He cried in agony to only find out a assassin was hired to kill him. Stalked him for years and years till he was old enough...he fought back aggressively.

Attacked the assassin to only know the name of his enemy is Darius. Darius ran a multiple accounts of businesses in Corellia as well extorting profits from farms. The smuggler attacked his men one by one. Correson started to turn into a madman. After he fought the man's men for awhile, he finally managed to kill his right-hand man that protected him. Correson aimed a blaster at Darius, and shot him. Afterwards, Zek went back to Brent's old hut. Spending countless hours drinking and drinking till he was drunk. This became his life everyday before he realized what he can do with his life. He prepped the Vendetta, and flew out of Corellia, never looking back.

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