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It was tough times in Coruscant for the Ta'em family. Starcaster Ta'em and his wife Ava were vocal Rebels. They headed a team which infiltrated the Stormtroopers and fed information throughout the Rebels. Successfully, the Ta'em's foiled many plans. They saved lives. Starcaster became confident and cocky. He began throwing his family into the light, first by carving his eldest son, Valin, into a carbon-copy of himself. He also allowed his eldest daughter, Luna Ta'em, to join in Rebel activities.

And then there was Zara.

Zara was always small for her age. Born prematurely, the young Ta'em sister had an extremely sheltered life. Ava never allowed Starcaster to expose her to the Rebels as well as the full truths of the galaxy. For the most part, she was oblivious to what her parents were actually doing ... until it was much too late.

Within Starcaster's operation, there lurked a traitor who spilled their identities. The Ta'em home was raided and there, Starcaster, Ava, and Valin were all captured. Plans had been made for Zara should anything ever happen. Kain Burgan, a close friend of the Ta'em family and an infamous chronometer crafter, smuggled the young Zara off of Coruscant after the grotesque public hanging of her parents and her brother. Though she would spend years searching for Luna, every search would come up empty handed.

Zara spend the rest of her childhood on Alderaan within Kain's chronometer shop. She aided the man, learning to work with her hands. She quickly developed a love for it. When chronometers became too easy, she started working in a shipyard.

The shipyard was a learning experience. As smugglers, bounty hunters, and other scum of the universe passed through, Zara began to learn. She decided to take up her own second life, for she felt distressed over the death of her parents. She was a teenager; rebellious and stupid. A life of crime and theft seemed like the only way to find herself. She took up a home at Etti IV, where she worked in a ship shop in between stealing from the rich and corrupt.

And then Alderaan was destroyed.

The loss of Kain Burgan served as a harbinger for harder times. Zara fell into a vicious cycle of depression, anger, and drink. She began desperately searching for any of Kain's pieces. Rumor had it that Marcus Rodney was gathering pieces of Alderaan's past. He seemed like the ideal candidate to rob; a drunk who had a soft eye for pretty ladies. Zara swept to him with the intent of stealing from him. Only, to her surprise, he stole something much greater from her.

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