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Into the Breech, Convoy, Interrupted, Raid on Ralltiir, Valuable Asset, One Piece at a Time, Saving One for Later, Opening Night, Arranged Escape, Poison Cell, Big Trouble in Little Hutta, Short Circuit, Emi Got a Gun, Supplies Surprise, An Act of Piracy, Suspicion or Sabotage, Shipping Repairs, The Best Little Slavehouse on Kooriva, The Talk, The First Command, Tales from the Red Garto Casino, I, Sortie Selection

Zan's life is a mix of confusion and grief, since he both his mother and father at the early age of three to a mystery illness. An event which stills haunts his dreams. He lived on the busy city streets of Theed from age three to age sixteen ,before he was found by an security officer paroling his rounds inside the main palace grounds beyond the gate in the great city. With the choice of imprisonment or service towards the newly appointed Queen. He would have chosen service over imprisonment again any day nor night, even though he worked almost tirelessly. He felt for the first time in a while that he actually belonged somewhere and had a family to call his own. He found friendship with the other servants one of his friends included the newly appointed Queen, then the most dreaded day of his life came to truth, the newly assembled Empire's 501, Vader's Fist, entered the city almost unnoticed in their mission to kill the Queen of Naboo. By the time anyone realized what had happened, The Queen was dead, the palace was raided and servants and slaves were captured and became the Empire's prisoners. He was taken from his home of Naboo to the dark prison in mid space: The Maw. He heard stories of it before but few had returned to tell the tale. From age seventeen to twenty-one he was a prisoner on the awful and nerve shattering prisoner on the asteroid. But ever since he arrived he planned for his escape off of the rock. He waited patiently for his opportunity to arise. But he began to add fellow prisoners in his plan. Until one day a shuttle of new transfers arrived to the camp, the rumor was that they were captured rebellion pilots, at last the trap was set. The plan was to ambush the escorting squad of Stormtroopers escorting the pilots to processing, that part of the plan went flawlessly. Zan then lead the pilots to the unoccupied Imperial shuttle craft that was back for repairs , which was filled earlier in the day. At that time the team of Zan and the other escapees split in two to deactivate the shield generators and the cloaking device that hid the installation in the maw system. Zan deactivated the shield generators easily, but was it too easy? He saw his prison friends deactivate the cloaking generator.

Zan and the group of escapees along with the three rebellion pilots escaped the prison before the Imperial guard there could sound an escape alarm, after the escape Zan willingly agreed to joining the rebellion's cause, mostly because of his growing hatred for the Empire. He spent his first year as a rebel pilot training in the Y-Wing fighters, but he soon as he turned the age twenty-three he requested a transfer to the Lieutenant Commander Jaden Leora's new X-Wing fighter squadron. He has no starfighter to starfighter in the field experience, but his hate is what drives him now. Now twenty-three, He is looking foreword to meeting his new commanding officer and some fighter experience. Unaware of what he gotten himself into a bloody god damn war.

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