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Wes Thrum was born to parents Sheryana and Rejeli in Asarain, a small settlement of Fornax, deep within the Glythe Sector.

His childhood was untroubled. He was the average Fornaxian child raised in such an environment, far from the troubles and pains of the rest of the galaxy. When he reached the age of twelve, Wes was presented with what would soon become his passion: the opportunity to rebuild and repair an old Z-95XT Headhunter. Through this he became enamored towards dreams of piloting and flying all over the galaxy seeing all sorts of sights and people. It took him nearly three years to get it working again and even then it was without the concussion missile launcher and the blasters that typically came stock with it, but that was fine, as he did not need them. He just wanted to fly.

Now fifteen, ideas of leaving home began to fill his head. Having never left Fornax in his life, he was itching to get out into the universe and do something to make himself known and leave his mark. He got his chance a year later when he turned sixteen and signed on as a hand on a Muurian Interstellar Transport, the Ny'shyyk. The transport spent most of its time running cargo back and forth from Fornax to various Republic outposts needing re-supply. Wes himself was signed on as a cargo handler and it was not very glorying work, but he enjoyed it nonetheless.

This went on for nearly another two years. By now, he was second mate on the Ny'shyyk. The captain of the vessel had died of natural causes and left the ship to his second in command who then named Wes second mate. Honored beyond all measure, Wes accepted and continued with his work. However, all would not go well in the future. The new captain of the Ny'shyyk, a Human named Darien Thonas, was shortsighted and acted with impulse over thought at times. He had always balanced out the overly thoughtful and careful previous captain, D'jarak. However, now that Darien was the captain, he had an urge to do things his way and, in the end it, resulted in Imperial forces in regions just outside of the Glythe Sector learning about the transport's cargo shipments to Rebel outposts. Before Wes knew what had happened he went from being onboard the ship to being shoved into an escape pod and blasted away from the burning, destroyed hulk once named the Ny'shyyk. Somehow, the pod got through the Imperial tractor beam array, much in thanks to Darien's last act, which was to drive the burning remains of the transport into the array and in a fiery flash of overloaded hyperdrive engines his last three years of life was erased from the galaxy.

The escape pod landed on a rather inhospitable planet that could not support Human life. For two days he lived inside the escape pod on a planet that would kill him if he opened the hatch. He had landed on the side of a planet that was always dark, the rotation of the planet countering the rotation around the local system star, and as such he lost all track of time. He was convinced that he was going to either die of hunger and lack of water or that he would go crazy and open the hatch into an environment that was negative-180-degrees and would freeze him within seconds. At last he got lucky and was picked up by a passing Rebel freighter.

He rededicated his life against the Imperials that had destroyed the life he had grown to love aboard the Ny'shyyk. He trained long and hard on weapons, physical training, interstellar navigation, hyperdrive theory, and piloting. He exposed himself to it all in the hope of joining the Rebellion, which he eventually succeeded in doing.

At the age of twenty-three, four years into his involvement with the Rebels, he received his new assignment aboard the Corvette Argo and a promotion to Sub-Lieutenant. He applied himself and still has a long way to go, but Wes Thrum is not one who gives up easily.

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