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Verus Theus was born thirty-nine years before the Battle of Yavin on the planet of Ralltiir. Verus and his twin brother Calvus were the sons of Davin Theus, a senior manager of the Cambrielle SolidState Corporation. The childhood of the Theus' children was comfortable, as their father's wealth enabled them to explore their early passions; Verus developed an enthusiasm for speeder racing, and Calvus excelled in his aviation pursuits.

Verus decided to attend the Coruscant Security Force Academy following to the outbreak of the Clone Wars, receiving the blessing of his father. The move caused friction between Verus and Calvus, however; with Verus leaving Ralltiir, his brother was designated the heir apparent to their father's responsibilities in the SolidState Corporation. Calvus had little interest in the financial affairs of the company, preferring to continue his starfighter flights, though he begrudgingly began his corporate training.

On Coruscant, Verus was assigned as a CSF patrol officer to the Uscru Entertainment District; the District's location between the affluent elites and the Coruscant underworld was a haven for Black Sun's criminal activities. Following a firefight against Black Sun smugglers in which Verus performed admirably, he was reassigned to the city's Anti-Terrorism Unit. His focus shifted to locating and dismantling Separatist cells, and he became well-acquainted with the tactics involved to defeat small but highly skilled groups of armed opponents.

Following the conclusion of the Clone Wars and the birth of the Galactic Empire, Coruscant's Anti-Terrorism Unit was merged into the Imperial Security Bureau. Verus resigned from the unit prior to the merge, intending to continue his academic pursuits. He enrolled in Coronet University on Corellia, majoring in the field of sociology. Corellia's resistance to the New Order provided for ideal case studies of resistance and protest, and many of Verus' classmates became dissidents as the Empire continued to exert its influence. Verus himself remained committed to the Empire's cause; following his graduation, he returned to Coruscant and joined the Imperial Security Bureau.

Verus was assigned as a lieutenant in the Bureau's Surveillance division. The young officer was tasked with identifying potential threats to the New Order's ideals, and many of his initial surveillance targets included his former classmates. Verus' talent to ascertain and monitor nonconformist elements led to his reassignment as a captain in the Investigations branch. Provided with a small team of agents on Chandrila, he arrested numerous dissenters to ensure the stability of the New Order.

Following several years in Investigations, Verus was offered a promotion and position within the Internal Affairs division. To his superiors' surprise, Verus declined the offer. Having become familiar with the selfish and treacherous world of Imperial politics, Verus preferred to remain as a field agent and directly pursue rebel dissidents to the possible detriment of his overall career. His actions caught the attention of Brigadier General Storen Raen, a senior officer within the Enforcement branch that shared Verus' dislike for political posturing. Raen orchestrated Verus' transfer to Enforcement, granting the young officer additional resources to combat the growing threat of the Rebel Alliance.

Verus and his Enforcement team were assigned missions throughout the Outer Rim, often attached to the Imperial Army and Navy units in each system and aided by local informants. Now a major, Verus often took to the field with his team and worked alongside Imperial-friendly alien groups. His fading xenophobia and non-political agenda drew the ire of Internal Affairs, though Verus' continued successes against Rebel insurgent cells shielded him from official repercussions.

As the overall Rebel Alliance increased in strength, Verus was transferred to the 207th ISB Tactical Unit. Verus served as the unit's executive officer, providing his expertise on locating and destroying insurgent cells. A Rebel ambush on Sullust killed the group's commander and inflicted heavy casualties on the unit, though Verus and the survivors were able to repel the ambush and capture the defeated Rebels.

Verus and the remaining members of the group were merged into the 317th Tactical Unit. Verus was assigned as the commanding officer and given a refitted Nebulon-B Frigate, with the mandate to track and eliminate mobile Rebel cells. Verus, promoted to colonel, aptly followed his objective and pursued several Rebel groups that attempted to infiltrate Imperial core worlds. His quest brought him back to the Darpa Sector, which was suffering from increasing unrest and sympathy to the Rebel Alliance.

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