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Valeria was born in the final years of the Galactic Republic on the planet of Zeltros, a product of an ill-advised tryst between a young Zeltron woman and a Firrerreo mercenary. Her father was a veteran of the Clone Wars, having fought for the losing side but without regret for his participation. Whether this was because he truly believed in the Separatist cause or was merely someone unwilling to explain his motivations to anyone was perhaps an answer unknown even to him. Valeria never learned much of life before the Clone Wars, but he was of a long-lived species, and given his proclivity towards violence he may not have wanted that information spread widely.

From an early age she excelled at dance and acrobatics, despite the fact that she put in less effort towards practicing than most of her peers. This was not a problem on Zeltros - fun was of paramount importance, and anything that wasn't fun wasn't worth doing.

As a young teenager, she was unwilling to commit to one path in life. Her mother was initially overjoyed when, at the age of 13, Valeria began training to become a Zeltron Cafarel. The famed courtesans were welcome on just about any planet with a procreative instincts, and it had been a career which had served her well. While Valeria excelled in learning the various tricks of that trade, as she had with others, she soon grew bored with the lessons. Rather than enter what was by far the oldest profession on Zeltros, she became increasingly interested in the life of her mysterious father.

While she displays no outward sign of change, a part of Valeria died when the Emperor's Procurator of Justice, a member of her father's people, instigated the near extermination of the Firrerreo species. While she had a personal stake in this tragedy, it was not the realization that the species that constituted half of her genetic code had been wiped out that made her change her outlook. It was not even the likely death of her father, who she had idolized for as long as she could remember. What struck her the most was the horrific loss of so many sentients, people capable of love and emotions whose personalities would be forever lost to the galaxy.

Following the devastation of her father's planet of birth, Valeria has not seen her absent role-model. She would assume that he is dead, except that he was pretty adept at avoiding her even before every living thing on Firrerreo was killed by the Empire releasing a flesh-eating hive virus.

The destruction of the planet of Alderaan has only hardened her resolve to see the Empire overthrown, something the professed amoral party girl would never openly admit to.
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