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Tycho Starlight was born on Nal Hutta to Luri Kzak, an impoverished prostitute who did the only thing she could to get by. She was never sure who little Tycho’s father was, obviously being one of her customers. Tycho was born as, and spent the first fourteen years of his life as Tycho Kzak, a young ruffian who was more than familiar with the shady streets.

Tycho did what he had to to get by. He had not only himself, but his mother to care for, who became sick when he was eight years old. He began to do jobs for one of the local cartels, mostly running errands and doing what was needed to get a few creds here and there.

When he was ten years old, Tycho killed his first man. He’d taken to carrying a holdout pistol. The man thought he’d be easy enough prey to rape, and received a blaster bolt in the face for his trouble. It left Tycho distraught for a few days, but his life had already been hard enough by that time that he recovered quickly enough. It was something that has stuck with him through his entire life, however.

After that point, he began to get *other* jobs. Word had gotten back to someone in his cartel that he was a kid who could pull the trigger and keep on ticking. At his age, they figured he’d make the perfect assassin. Who would see it coming? For him, it was usually as simple as walking up to his target, who would dismiss him as just another street rat, and shooting them.

By the time his mother died, he’d killed enough people to be able to get them into a nicer place, so she could be comfortable on her deathbed. Tycho never regretted his life of crime for that one reason. It was a small mercy in his mother’s life of pain and degradation.

After her death, Tycho had no emotional ties to ground him, and he fell into the life of crime hard. By the time he was fourteen, Tycho Starlight had been born, and he was already making a reputation for himself. Tycho Starlight was a man who got things done, they said. Few people connected the dots and knew that he was just a boy named Tycho Kzak. One day, however, one of the goons of a different Hutt gang found out.

He was dragged before the rival Hutt, and was bound for the rancor pit, when a Mandalorian bounty hunter named Odell Darr attacked. He slew Bargna the Hutt and the entire room full of guards and mercs. It was over so quickly that Tycho hardly knew what had happened. When it was all said and done, Tycho was holding a blaster he’d picked up during the fight. He and Darr stood with guns trained on each other. For quite a while there was silence, then Odell took off his helmet and told the boy, “You have courage.”

After that point, Odell Darr took the kid under his wing. The training was brutal and the Mandalorian was relentless in driving his lessons home, and Tycho spent most of his time beaten up, aching and bleeding. For years he couldn’t so much as touch Odell in their sparring matches. Day in and out he learned to fight, to use blasters, to hunt prey. He learned little of Mandalorian culture, as it wasn’t his business to know, but he did learn to fight like one. Eventually he began to assist the man on his hunts, until one day he was tested by doing a few hunts on his own.

In the end, Odell finally decided he had no more to teach Tycho. The boy had become a young man, and in his early twenties he set out on his own to make a name for himself. The name Tycho Starlight became known in certain circles all across the galaxy. He was known for always delivering on a job, though his methods were far more brutal than most.

After a good fourteen years of working alone, he found himself on a mission for a Hutt that required him to capture a woman who had wronged the Hutt. Once he found her and heard her story, he realized that the woman had done nothing but escape from slavery. Surprising even himself, he freed her and helped her hide from the evil Hutt. After that, he received a black mark on his head, along with a small bounty.

Having been rejected by the guild after his little snafu, Tycho decided to team up with a group that could help him get other odd jobs. He worked aboard the Crimson Moon freighter for two years before he suddenly developed a connection to the Force. Shortly afterward, he brutally executed a man for raping a child slave. Despite the justification for his actions, his methods frightened his allies, and he was soon persona non grata among them.

Since that time, he has been searching for a purpose in life while trying to learn and understand the Force.

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