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Classified File T-970
Imperial Intelligence
Bureau of Operations

Personnel Dossier 67-I9

Name: Serra Eona

Rank: Captain, Imperial Intelligence.

Upon completion of basic training, subject was selected for immediate enrollment in advanced training for entry-level functions within Imperial Intelligence. Early assessments showed high aptitude in necessary skillsets. Further education and post-training assessment determined Bureau of Operations as best fit for subject.

Installed as entry-level operative with Surveillance Division. Operational details available through attached files.

Term of Service in Surveillance Division: Seven Years
Operations of Distinction: Signal One, Signal Two, Song Star.

During Operation Song Star, showed distinct aptitude and skill as field operative. Transferred to Assassination Division. Operational details available through attached files.

Term of Service in Assassination Division: Five Years
Operations of Distinction: Song Star, Watershed.

Upon completion of Operation Watershed, filed for transfer to Destab. Transfer approved.

Term of Service in Destabilisation Division: Ongoing
Operations of Distinction (Destab): Classified.

Currently operating under Renik Division, though still considered operative of Destab.

High aptitude for field operations requiring long-term investment, both regarding external and internal operations. Captain Eona is most notable for her efficiency and ability to adapt, as well as a high success rate in information extraction and elimination of problem assets. Also notable is a willingness to perform duties outside of the conventional morality of warfare and espionage without hesitation.
Unfit for infiltration or covert entry into subversive organizations for long term surveillance, due to specifics of desensitization training. Addicted to cigarras.

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