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Serine Thanor was born twenty-seven years before the Battle of Yavin to Karris Thanor, an ambitious Jedi Knight, and a beautiful young woman who had faded from common memory. Karris had planned on hiding his one-time relationship with the woman, but his plan was shattered when she came forward a year later with a child she claimed was his. This act was frowned upon considerably by the Jedi Council and would later result in Karris being denied a combat command during the Clone Wars. More insulting, this event would also contribute to him not being raised to the level of Jedi Master. The backlash resulting from his daughter's birth would always be a bitter reminder deep in the back of his mind and would cause him to resent the Jedi Order.

In her infancy, Serine's above average Force-sensitivity was discovered and, despite being born illegitimately, she was accepted into the Jedi Order and her training as a Youngling began. During this time, her relationship with her father was non-existent. He refused to acknowledge her, as he blamed her for his shortcomings, causing Serine to feel rejected and abandoned by not only her mother, but her father as well. The matter was further complicated when Karris left the Jedi Order and sided with Count Dooku's Separatists. Karris believed he was wasting his life in the Order and that they were preventing him from fulfilling his potential.

At the start of the Clone Wars Serine was merely five-years-old and had not yet been assigned a Master. Three years later, at the end of the Wars, she was still studying at the Jedi Temple during Operation: Knightfall. As she was only eight years old, she found herself vulnerable, like so many of those around her, and would have died if not for the intervention of Master Jerasea Ginhers, who rescued her before fleeing Coruscant. As Serine never knew her mother, she bonded heavily with Jerasea. She looked to Master Ginhers as not just her mentor in the ways of the Force, but also as a maternal figure. The duo spent the next eight years continuously escaping the dark, merciless reach of the newly formed Galactic Empire. During this time, Serine trained extensively and, although there was no longer a Jedi Council to officially recognize it, she became Jerasea's Padawan learner.

With the Clone Wars over and many Jedi unaccounted for, Karris Thanor was selected to become one of the Galactic Empire's first Inquisitors after an arduous trial. Even though Karris was one of the founding members of the Inquisitorius and in a position of great power, none of this compensated for his lack of ability to wield the Force. Out of curiosity, he scoured through Imperial reports and databanks in an attempt to learn if his daughter survived the purge. After finding no indication regarding her fate, he dispatched fellow Inquisitor Antinnis Tremayne to find his daughter's whereabouts. Karris believed that if she could be turned, he could use her for his own purposes to gain influence.

Tremayne tracked Jerasea and her apprentice to Askaj, a desert planet in the Outer Rim, where they engaged in a brutal fight. Serine, now thirteen, could do little to aid in the intense battle between the two experienced Force users. Despite her lack of skill, Serine attempted to catch him off guard while he was distracted fighting Master Ginhers. Serine was tossed aside effortlessly by Tremayne, which forced her to helplessly watch as her Master eventually fell in battle. The death of Jerasea caused an intense emotional outburst in Serine, which drew the attention of Tremayne. With furious tears streaming down her face, she snatched up her fallen Master's lightsaber and rushed forward towards the Inquisitor.

Even though Serine had been regarded as an above-average Force user, she appeared to gain more power and greater ability when she embraced the dark side. The first time Serine had attempted to attack him, Tremayne merely brushed her aside without so much as a thought. Now, as she advanced upon him with incredible speed, he was forced to defend against her blows. Immediately, he could sense that she was already more powerful and had greater potential than her father. It was in this moment that he decided he would keep her discovery a secret from Karris and instead train her himself.

Antinnis attempted to corrupt her mind by revealing to her that the real culprit behind the death of her Master was Serine's own father. Believing her to be both young and inexperienced, Tremayne underestimated her strength of will and never suspected she was serving him with an ulterior motive. As his Apprentice, she strived for the next ten years to learn all that he knew only so that she could surpass him and avenge the death of Master Ginhers.

During his training with Serine, Tremayne did not neglect his responsibilities and continued to undertake missions as a member of the Inquisitorious. Now a grown woman, Serine found herself by Tremayne's side during a confrontation with a rouge Nightsister in the forests of Pil Diller. The Nightsister wielded a rare and powerful weapon known as a lightwhip, which neither Tremayne nor Serine had ever experienced before. During the height of the intense clash, a powerful strike from the Nightsister's whip destroyed Serine's lightsaber, which she had taken off Master Ginher's corpse and carried sentimentally for a decade, and also wounded her. Tremayne, who had also sustained an injury, eventually defeated the Nightsister. Tremayne claimed the lightwhip after the Nightsister fell but, as it was nearly her undoing, Serine secretly yearned for it. She believed that with its power she could finally murder Tremayne and avenge her old Master.

During the fight, Tremayne had been watching Serine and allowed her to engage the Nightsister alone in order to assess her abilities. Impressed by what he had seen, he believed she was ready to take the trials and join the ranks of the Inquisitorious. As she had been secretly training with him for ten years, Tremayne was confident she could survive the trials whereas raw initiates were likely to fail. As her lightsaber had been destroyed, she was forced to take the first part of the trial without a weapon. Despite the extreme handicap, she managed to survive while the group of seven others taking the trials met their end before her eyes in various gruesome ways.

Karris received word that his daughter was not only alive, but currently in the midst of taking the trials for prospective Inquisitors. With great haste, he managed to arrive on Prakith as Serine completed the first of several tests. Tremayne had foreseen this, as he was the one who had arranged for the information concerning Serine to reach Karris. As Karris approached, Tremayne reminded Serine not only of his abandonment, but also his betrayal in the form of ordering Jerasea's death. By this time, Tremayne had learned that she coveted the lightwhip and held it in a manner that would be easy for her to obtain. In a rage, she seized the whip and awkwardly began to wield it in an attack against her father. Despite her inexperience with the weapon, her hatred enhanced her abilities and enabled her to shred her father to pieces.

In this moment, the young Padawan from Coruscant ceased to exist, leaving only a fully corrupt servant of the dark side. To the surprise of both Tremayne and Serine, this act met with the approval of the Emperor, who had secretly been observing the trials. Impressed with her ability and her ruthlessness, Palpatine foiled Tremayne's plot to use her for his own devices and inducted her into the Inquisitorious. Now a fully trained Dark Side Adapt, Serine began undertaking missions without the guidance of Tremayne and became her own woman. As an Inquisitor, she grew into one of the most feared and mysterious of the Empire's servants.

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