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How important is a Legacy? Seekith Shardin was part of a legacy. His great great grandfather Rasth had been the slave who accidentally spilt the Corellian ale on Grada the Hutt, starting the famous Badian Cantina Shoot Out that made his master, Armis Kane, a legend. When Kast Turshy was the most feared pirate in the corporate sector, Seekith's grandfather Hamand was his chief mechanic and enforcer. Seekith's Uncle Biltor had fought against the famous bounty hunter Jango Fett. Or at least that is how they tell the story. Truthfully, he was sniped from half a click away and was the bodyguard of the intended target.  Seekith's father, Hong, had been a security guard on the Corporate Sector planet of Bonadan. He was even present when the Bonadan Spaceport Southeast II was attacked by terrorists. Hong accounted for fifteen-percent of the terrorists kills that day ... just enough for him to be passed up for a corporate accommodation which they gave to the Corellian Gizor Matsis who racked up an impressive twenty kills that day.

Seekith's family had a legacy all right, of being some nobody off to the side of greatness. It was not that his family line could not fight. To the contrary they were very proficient brawlers, just never the best. Not once, had anyone in Seekith's family received an award or medal for a job well done. They had all displayed acts of great heroism but just not as good as the person who did receive the medal. The same held true for Seekith Shardin.

Being a well-built member of the more prominent subspecies of Cathar, Seekith was very active in team sports as a teen. He was always a key player on every team he was ever on, but never enough to earn an most valuable player award, or a mention in a holonet report. Every week he tried hard to strive for greatness, but instead managed to make someone else or the teams in general look better. Most of the time he did not mind, but other times it would affect him.

When he came of age to start working, he fallowed in his father's footsteps and joined the Corporate Sector Authority (CSA) Security Division, known as the Espos. He had an unnatural knack for ending up in tough situations that always seemed to work out. Of course he was usually upstaged by someone else, but he steadily developed a reputation as a good person to have backing you up. Eventually he worked his way up through the ranks, usually at the insistence of his coworkers, to become a CSA sponsored mercenary. He would be hired out, at the discretion of the CSA, to help deal with situations across the galaxy.

It was while on deployment throughout the galaxy that he developed his weakness for Twi'lek dancers. Seekith found approval from those who were willing to give it to him. With no other important outlet for his income, Seekith poured the majority of his paychecks into nights with Twi'leks, all showering him with praise. Then the morning would arrive, the women would be gone, Seekith would be hung over, and a new day of trying to prove his worth would be in front of him.

One fateful morning, the Twi'lek dancer was still there. Seekith took it upon himself to return her to her owner. As he approached the owner's place of business, he spotted a patrol of Stormtroopers outside. For whatever reason, they were hassling the Rodian. After some very heated words, the Rodian received the butt of a BlasTech E-11 across the chin. Dancers of all species came streaming out of the building to help him. The Stormtroopers took it as a threat and they turned and opened fire on the women. The girls were engulfed in a barrage of bright red blaster bolts. The action was so intense that the Stormtroopers had failed realize the concussion grenade that landed in the middle of them. Seekith checked to see if any of the dancers had made it, but none were left alive. The remaining troopers who had not been killed awoke and forced Seelkith to flee the planet.

Seekith became a man on the run by lunchtime. He spent the next year hopping from planet to planet, trying to avoid showing up on Imperial grids. A report of the incident had of course been sent the CSA, so he was no long welcome there. He started to take out loans to pay for his physical needs. The loans quickly started to build up. Eventually he was homeless, creditless, and blasterless on the planet Ryloth. It was here that he was discovered by an old coworker from the Espos who had joined the Rebel Alliance. With a need for credits, a desire for action, and a lingering hunger for real recognition, he joined up.

Seekith was placed into the Alliance Special Forces, given the rank of Private, and immediately sent to Dantooine. After six months of service, he had proven to Rebel officials that he was a 'more than' exceptional soldier and was promoted to Private First Class. His prowess on the battlefields made him an ideal candidate for a new commando unit that was being started, known as the Cuy'val Dar. His new Captain, Dagon Tong, was a former Imperial Storm Commando and Mandalorian mercenary. With such a great opportunity to improve his craft, Seekith jumped in head first with a desire to succeed and impress. When he learned that the true nature of the unit, and its existence was to stay in secrecy, he was torn. On one hand he wanted to become a great warrior, but on the other hand he wanted to be 'known' as a great warrior. He secretly toiled with the dilemma for less than a month before his unit was ordered to evacuate Dantooine aboard the Corvette Argo.

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