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Miscommunication, Rope Rescue, Taking a Break, A Familiar Assignment, The Safe House, A New Type of War, Home Invasion, Supply Run, Exotic Animals, Medical Mishap, Hurry Up and Wait, About Your Father, Daddy Dearest, Meddroid Malfunction, Target of Opportunity, A Softer Touch, Casualties, Unfortunate Daughter, On the Brink, Sideshow of a Sideshow, Chasing Ghosts, The Rescuers, Nil Nisi Bonum, Deep in the Grey, Nothing to Do but Drink
Reilly Duran Judah was born in Coronet City, Corellia to an Imperial officer and his token wife. Reilly's life was one of some privilege though she and her two older brothers Ragan and Romi- were expected to join the Imperial Navy as soon as they were of age. Reilly and her brothers attended military school, while traveling to various planets within the Empire with their mother.

Reilly met and wed Doyle Judah while stationed on Coruscant. The couple welcomed their twin boys, Lucas and Duran, named after their mother's maiden names. Within a year and a half they were expecting a third child. During this time Major Doyle Judah was executed for being a rebel spy. Reilly suffered a miscarriage when she learned of her husband's death and vowed that the Empire would pay. Of course the Empire felt she couldn't be trusted and set out to arrest the medic who was currently on pregnancy leave. The Imperials stormed the funeral service of Doyle. Ragan and Romi drew their weapons and were killed by storm troopers. They'd given their lives to protect Reilly, who sped toward her home to get the twins and head off planet. Unfortunately, she was too late. The apartment was surrounded by Imperial stormtroopers. Three body bags lay near doorway. Two tiny ones and an adult sized body lay covered. Reilly's heart sank. They'd killed her family. There was nothing left for her except revenge.

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