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Randi Trainor was born aboard her father's light freighter in the Corellian system. Her father was a well-known pilot who took a variety of shipping contracts, some of which involved illegal smuggling. Her mother was a dancer at a club of ill repute. Randi was the product of a casual encounter between the two that was both unwanted and unexpected. Her mother had no interest in a child and chose to put her up for adoption, but her father refused and decided to raise his daughter alone.

Before Randi could walk, she found herself at the controls of her father's freighter as he traversed the galaxy. He used Randi as an inspiration and began to clean up his life, giving up both alcohol and illegal smuggling. During the Clone Wars, he built up his fortune by dealing with both the Republic and Confederacy, a dangerous, but profitable venture. In the aftermath of the Clone Wars, he used the credits he had earned to found a legitimate shipping company on Corellia.

At the age of sixteen, Randi was licensed to fly by the Corellian authorities and began piloting a freighter for her father's business. She showed exceptional skills at her young age and earned the respect of the caste of pilots that dominated Corellian society. While on a cargo run to the Sullust system, she observed the maneuvering capabilities of Imperial starfighters that inspired her to pursue a military career.

When Randi informed her father of her decision to enlist, he had initially hoped she would choose to serve in the Corellian Defense Force, but she wanted to fly the new TIE/ln starfighter. Remembering the galaxy as it existed before the Clone Wars, her father was one of a growing number of Corellians who had grown distrustful of the Galactic Empire. Against her father's wishes, she enlisted in the Imperial Navy and became a Cadet at the prestigious Vensenor Flight Academy.

During four years of intensive training aboard the Vensenor, Randi learned how to apply her natural flying abilities into combat situations. Throughout most of her time at the Academy, male Cadets and instructors hazed her in an attempt to drive her out of the service. Of the twenty-seven female Cadets that began in her class, she was the only one who graduated. It would be the first of many times her sex would play a negative role in her career.

Randi received her commission as a Flight Officer in the Imperial Navy and found herself assigned to a backwater fighter squadron in the Outer Rim Territories. Her wingman, Major Kalnor Pssgana, was an experienced pilot who took her under his wing and mentored her during the early part of her career. She logged the most flight hours of any pilot in the squadron, preferring the isolation of the cockpit to the sexist environment that existed aboard the cruiser.

Unexpectedly, the nearby planets of Fest and Mantooine began to revolt against the Empire and Randi found herself in combat for the first time. Engaging the crude starfighters piloted by inexperienced resistance fighters, she was able to chalk up the largest kill score in the squadron. While Pssgana was able to parlay his success to promotion to group captain, Randi's sex prevented her from being promoted.

Randi's feats in combat earned the recognition of her wing commander, Colonel Deads Jenson, who had just received a transfer to the Vensenor Flight Academy as the lead flight instructor. Jenson was able to see the war on the horizon and arranged for Randi to be transferred to the Vensenor with a promotion to Flight Lieutenant as one of his instructors. While she was disappointed to be leaving the combat zone, she appreciated the promotion and the new opportunities it would bring.

Aboard the Vensenor, Randi excelled as an instructor, showing the ropes to many young Cadets that would go on to great careers in the Imperial Navy. Her unconventional tactics often found her at odds with the Academy's Commandant, Enda Card, but her results were undeniable and she soon received a promotion to Flight Captain and more responsibility. As the Galactic Civil War erupted, the Academy began accelerating its training program, despite the protests of Randi and other instructors.

Randi was forced to take three raw Cadets on what the Colonel described as a 'routine training exercise,' despite her defiant protest. During the flight, the Cadets collided and only Randi's skillful familiarity with the ejection system saved her life. After recovering from her injuries, she entered a period of depression over the loss of the three Cadets and attempted to resign her commission.

Commandant Card refused to accept her resignation and used his friendship with Captain Tiberius Anson to get her reassigned as a shuttle pilot aboard the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Warspite with a demotion to Flight Lieutenant. Randi never felt the same after what she called the 'incident' and became unsteady in the cockpit and an alcoholic. She refused to reenter the cockpit, despite the encouragement of her father.

Randi had ruined her reputation and no one aboard the Warspite would fly with her. As a favor to Captain Anson, the battle squadron's commander, Admiral Claudius Rodney, personally intervened. Having several daughters of his own, Rodney empathized with the young woman's situation and volunteered to fly aboard her shuttle, despite warnings from his staff. Randi proved herself to the Admiral and refocused her energy into serving as the pilot of his personal vessel, the Lambda-class T-4a shuttle Kwai.

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