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Being born on the planet of Corellia was not a very interesting way to be brought into this galaxy. In fact, living on Corellia was extremely dull which could cause a teenager to use their imagination for entertainment. That is just what Quar Klynn had done while living in a suburb of Coronet City.

Quar's imagination caused a big problem; truancy from school. He was never one for math, history, science or any other scholastic function. He was only interested in three things ... space travel, money and (even at his young age) women. Because of these interests Quar was very well known with the local CorSec agents. On numerous occasions he was arrested and returned to his parents for skipping school. His favorite place to skip school was at the Spaceports.

It was not until his tenth birthday until his parents decided to allow him to move outside of suburban limits to the country with his grandfather. Quar's grandfather was a short older man. He had a defined jaw line and shaved his head hairless with his vibro blade daily. However, his grandfather kept a short gray beard on his face. Quar admired his grandfather greatly. His grandfather had an old beat up Corellian made cargo ship which he kept at a small space dock at his home. It was the inquiries about that ship that lead Quar to his new career path.

It all started with a bang ... the ship that was. Quar's grandfather powered on the beat up cargo ship named The Star Killer. The engines hummed as the ship lifted off of its landing skids. Suddenly the main engines kicked in and the small cargo ship made its way towards the atmosphere of Corellia. Quar's grandfather began to explain his family's history of pirating. Quar hung onto every word which his grandfather spoke on their first space adventure together. It was then that Quar realized that they were closing in on a small cargo vessel in front of them. His grandfather placed a blaster pistol in Quar's lap and thus a career was forged.

At age 18 Quar's grandfather passed away. The Star Killer was handed down to Quar's sister. In his grandfather's will it was written to Quar, "I know you will get another ship. Live on our family tradition," and that he did. Quar commandeered a small cargo ship and headed to the outer rim. There, he obtained a Bounty Hunter's license from the empire. It was also in the outer rim of the galaxy where Quar met his wife, Shyann.

It wasn't until the purchase of the Dirty Deed that Quar's career began to become lucrative. The Dirty Deed was a modified YT-2000 freighter with a heavy weapons, heavy armor, and shielding system. Most in the empire would view the ship as a gunboat with cargo bay.

By 23, the bounty of a lifetime came. Daniel Valn was the director of the Imperial Security Bureau. Rumor had it that Valn went crazy and was driving treaded tanks down the streets of Coruscant. It was said that Valn even arrested numerous Coruscant Guard members on suspicions of treason. Because of Valn's actions, the Emperor placed an enormous bounty on Valn's head.

Valn was found hiding in the sewers of Coruscant. Quar, acting off of tips from locals found him. With several stun grenades launched from his Prax Arms AXM-50 Blast and Smash rifle, Valn was stunned and ripe for the picking. Quar restrained Valn and took him to the Palace, gaining audience with the Emperor.

The bounty on Valn was a ridicules amount. Quar had more money than he had ever hoped for. He settled down on Coruscant with his wife Shyann and started Klynn Industries.

Klynn Industries prospered to a large transportation, cargo, and procurement company. Although the majority of Klynn Industries was legitimate, the occasional restricted item would pass through with a custom official looking the other way.

It was not until two 2BBY when he was 30 that Quar's prosperity would end. An unknown ISB Agent ordered the assassination of Quar Klynn using false information. Quar escaped the assassination attempt which killed his wife and fled to Corellia where he was given a new identify from the Corellian Government who he had supplied arms, vehicles, and restricted Imperial military grade things to.

With some help from old contacts, Quar made contact with a rebel recruited. Six months after the assassination attempt, Quar was given the commission of Lieutenant and assigned to the Ringali Shell as an Area Co-Ordinator where he was responsible for establishing sub cells and networks.

Quar now resides on the planet of Brentaal IV with a multitude of false identities. He is a Lieutenant and Area Coordinator of the Alliance's Intelligence division.

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