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Labor of Love, Avenger, Moving Day, Marketplace Mayhem, Dinner Time, A Case of Need, Marriage -la-Mode, A Second Chance, The Secrets We Keep, Bargains and Bargaining Chips, Dark Hearts, Building Bridges, Visiting Hours Are Over, Falling Into Place, All Bets Are Off, Glimmers of Hope, Questions and Answers, Innocence Lost, Little Women, Hapans Bearing Gifts, Allergy Season, Ithorian Interlude, Supervised Sightseeing, Conduct Unbecoming, Gallinore Getaway, Teshik's Folly, Travel Fatigue, The Lost Lightsaber, Cradled, A Day Long Remembered, The Doctor's Dilemma, Burning Bridges, The Two Doctors, Triage, Forced Sabbatical, Sixteen and Pregnant, The Failing Duke, A Dress for a Droid, Error Code: 0x0959286, The Long Trip Home, Big Semihappy Family, A Visit to the Doctor, Worlds Collide, Daddy's Little Man, Bed Rest, The Pieces are Moving, We Come to it at Last, Parenthood, Finding Your Nest, The Shattering Truth Part II, The Herd has Spoken, Run Away and Never Return, I Have Three Hearts, Meeting the Twins, A Game of Cat and Mouse, And She Bare Him a Son, Desperate Departure, Something Blue, 525,600 Minutes, Taking the Bait, Catharsis, A Dash of Sass, Panic! at the Lakehouse, Speed Racer, Sad Stories of the Deaths of Kings, Beneath Still Waters, Two Simple Words, Bruised, Not Broken, An Ithorian Affair
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