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Michael Raven's childhood is shrouded in mystery. Mainly because he has refused outright to speak about it. Imperial records show the death of his immediately family in a fatal speeder accident while he was training at the Imperial Academy on Corulag at age eighteen. Normally lackluster in his studies, merely managing to get by in the academy without being dismissed. The news seemed to shake him, change him at his very core. By the end of the year he began scoring in the top ten percentile of his units, shocking his instructors with the radical change. He also began to become more cold, no longer the compassionate boy he once was. He would do almost anything to win simulated battles, inclusive of risky maneuvers that could prove deadly in space. Nonetheless, his tactical prowess was impressive enough to push him through the academy.

Portions of his first assignment are still somewhat classified as a rebel attack against the starship he was stationed on caused the death of the commanding officer and most of the senior staff.

What can be gleaned from the records is that he was promoted and rewarded with an executive officer position onboard the Nebulon-B Frigate Prism wherein he spent the rest of his command, battling rebel separatists around the Corulag and attached systems. Again, his tactical mind was noted by his commanding officer, Commander William Ramses. The following excerpt has been taken from the Captain's personal log:

"...Today we managed to thwart a Rebel raid on a medical convoy en route to Corulus, sustaining only minor damage to the convoy craft. We had received advance notice a few days ago of the impending attack on the convoy, and naturally I held an officer's meeting to discuss our course of action. Most of the suggestions were to increase the intensity of the convoy escort and merely scare off the Rebels... but my XO had other plans. Raven suggested we cut all the power to our vessel and hide in a debris field that ran parallel to the convoy's route; basically the reason the convoy had to ride in subspace anyway. And if the Rebels attacked, on signal from the lead convoy craft, engage all systems and slam into them with the full force of our frigate and starfighter compliment.

I must admit I thought the plan was a bit 'out there'; one wrong move and we were looking at a piece of debris the size of a TIE Fighter slamming into the bridge. I was ready to shoot him down when the SO agreed... then sensors... then weapons... within moments before I could even open my mouth, they were all discussing how to pull it off.

What the hell, let's do it.

We laid in wait... and right on schedule, the Rebels attacked. Half a squad of X-wings, they made a few runs on the convoy craft... then we made our move. It all happened so fast I could hardly keep up with it. Before I knew it, half of their fighters were dead or crippled and the other half were high-tailing it home.

This kid's got potential... it's a shame we're being transferred."

With the appointment of Admiral Claudius Rodney to sector command, the Prism was to be reassigned to lesser duties closer to the safety of the galactic core. Raven's military career may have ended onboard that ship, lazily patrolling the galactic core if not for the untimely passing of Line Captain Markus Norizuchi, the 622nd Persuit Line's commanding officer. Upon the recommendation of Commander Ramses, Michael Raven was promoted to Line Captain and given command of the 622nd Pursuit Line, where he is currently stationed.

Bringing a fresh mind to the forces of the 219th Battle Squadron, led by Admiral Claudius Rodney of the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Warspite, it is only a matter of time before the true potential of this young officer is brought to light.

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