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Born on the planet Onderon, Mark grew up in the slums plagued by rival gangs and crimes. His father was a low-level accountant, able to support a family but not much more. Teased as a young child, Mark nursed an anger at what he did not understand, why the other children found him different. An incident at fourteen years old brought him to the attention of the ISB. Two years later, ISB's surveillance of Mark was brought to a close.

Mark applied for, but was denied, a scholarship to the Imperial Academy due to his heritage. Though he could not be sure, the ISB agent he had run into at fourteen appeared to have taken matters into his own hands and sponsored Mark to the Academy.

There he excelled in all things to begin a brilliant, but sometimes troubled career as an Imperial Stormtrooper. His own honor and high standards brought him into conflict on a regular basis with more corrupt officers with looser standards. However, due to his brilliance on the field of battle, the officers in question couldn't just do away with him.

When questions about an appropriate candidate to replace a Stormtrooper Legion Commander onboard the Interrogator came around, many of the above mentioned officers saw this as an opportunity to throw Mark under the bus. Each concluded that Mark's honor would get him killed eventually onboard an ISD commanded by a High Inquisitor.

Promoted from Captain to High Colonel in the space of a few hours and hurried onto a transport with indecent haste, Mark found himself accepting a command with little knowledge of what it might entail. He only knew two important facts - a) he was the one assigned and b) he would be reporting directly to the High Inquisitor commanding the vessel.

The other Imperial Officers smiled to themselves, sure they have finally gotten rid of that annoying, honor-bound Veller without any blood on their hands. They were all wrong. Events went their course and Mark found himself sparring with the High Inquisitor and having his latent Force capabilities explode with devastating effects.

Now, still unaware of the implications, after being severely punished by High Inquisitor Thanor for his misdeeds, Mark survived what would have killed a lesser man. He now serves High Inquisitor Thanor with total devotion.

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