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Ask Leilia Sangre the name of her homeworld, and she will likely tell you, "Corellia." In fact, the roots of this mysterious "jack-of-all-trades" could not be further from the Core Worlds.

Leilia's true planet of birth hides in the fringes of Wild Space, uncharted, undeveloped, and completely uninhabitable at first glance. It was sheer accident that a lost freighter happened to discover the system at all. The crew went planetside in the hopes of restocking on dwindling supplies…never realizing they would be taking much more than a few new strange tales back to the Core with them.

A newly orphaned Leilia, leaving her infant sister in capable hands, took the risk of stowing away aboard the shuttle, having no idea where she would be going or what would happen next. The freighter found its way back to a navigable space lane and pressed onward to its destination: Corellia. It was this planet that four-year-old Leilia Sangre quickly came to recognize as "home."

Having grown up in an inhospitable world where every scrap of technology and knowledge had gone into continuing existence, Leilia was quick to adapt to her surroundings; rapidly learning all the ins and outs of surviving on the streets of Coronet City, blissfully unaware of the war brewing throughout the galaxy. She became adept at pick pocketing, and was not above begging during lean times.

As she grew older, her "business" ventures expanded. Leilia learned the art of cat burglary…teaching herself out how to reroute, splice, and deactivate security systems to suit her needs. With the selling of her ill-gotten goods, and money she earned from people who actually began to hire her to break in to certain places and "liberate" certain items. Leilia was nearly what one could consider moderately wealthy by the time she was sixteen. By her eighteenth year, already owning a stretch of property several kilometers up the Corellian shoreline from Tyrena, the deed won in a bet, Leilia procured a ship and pilot's license in short order, and immediately took to the stars, delving headfirst into ventures ranging from smuggling to smalltime bounty hunting, and everything in between.

Listed among her many skills, Leilia had one rather obscure talent: mastery of an archaic weapon known as a whip. This seemingly innocuous length of braided leather could lash out with the efficiency and deadly accuracy of a blaster in the hands of a trained sniper, with a mere flick of Leilia's wrist. She was rather proud of this skill, and knowing it was an unusual talent, wasted no time in cashing in on it.

It was this talent, ironically, that ultimately cost her everything. Near Leilia's twenty-first birthday, an employment opportunity came her way; in the guise of an Imperial officer, desiring a private demonstration of her whip-wielding skills. Unbeknownst to Leilia until after she had accepted the job, her target was the man's female slave...a girl of barely seventeen, with long blue-black hair and hauntingly familiar pale, ice blue eyes.

Unable to shake the feeling she should know this girl, Leilia tried to back out of her agreement with the Imperial, only to find her own life on the line when the man threatened to turn her over to local authorities. Her ingrained sense of self-preservation kicking in, Leilia had no choice but to flay the young woman as the Imperial demanded.

For months afterward, Leilia found herself haunted by nightmares of what she had done, and frequently lost her senses to series of flashbacks: memories dredged up from her long-forgotten past, of a life she had left behind years ago. Unable to shake these "visions," Leilia took off for Wild Space, relying on instinct and sheer luck to guide her back to the true planet of her birth, a harsh, unforgiving world where life was only able to flourish beneath the planet's surface.

It was here, on Juneieau, Leilia's world came crashing down around her. She discovered, a decade after her own departure, the planet was visited by "lost sky wanderers" once more. These visitors, however, were after more than fresh supplies. Taking advantage of the natives' lack of offensive military technology, the encroachers had spirited away dozens of youngsters. Leilia recognized she was being given a description of a slaving ship...and was horrified to learn her precious sister had been among those taken.

It did not take Leilia long to come to come to the conclusion: the teenager she'd been coerced into flailing so viciously...with that long dark hair and pale eyes, she simply had to be her younger sister. And now that Leilia understood that, there was no way she was going to allow her sister to remain in the servitude of such a vile man.

It had been three years since she had been to the Imperial's Ralltirrian estate; Leilia found the place easily. She hadd hoped to quietly steal her sister away, putting her old burglary skills to good use. Unfortunately, an outcome that easy was not meant to be, and the Imperial caught Leilia attempting to break in to the house.

After a brief scuffle, the officer's madness was revealed: the lunatic, in his attempt to keep anyone from taking his precious slave girl, set fire to the estate, with the girl still inside. Leilia was able to force her way into the burning building, but it was too late.

The sister she had not set eyes upon since infancy stumbled out of the inferno, her clothes ablaze. In a panic, the younger female rushed toward the cliffside, overlooking the sea.

Leilia caught her sister's arm before the girl could fall, but could not pull her to safety. Her own arm becoming severely burned to the point of her hand actually melting into that her of her sister's, Leilia was obliged to watch her baby sister's skin burn away from her bones, until the skin of their fused limbs gave way, sending her sister's charred body into the sea.

Leilia blamed the Imperial for her sibling's death, and wasted no time in giving him another demonstration of her whip-wielding skills: by beheading the monster with one clean stroke. She would have thrown herself into the sea, as well, having no other reason to live.

Unfortunately fate had other plans for Leilia Sangre. As she sat, contemplating the end of her life, Imperial officer Kerrie Kiley appeared on the scene, investigating reports of rebel terrorist activity in the area.

Leilia was promptly arrested, tried, and condemned. In the five months since "the incident," Leilia Sangre has remained in a particular Imperial prison camp, fending for herself as flawlessly as on the streets of Corellia, though now she is merely biding her time...waiting for her turn to die.

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