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For the first six years of her life, Kia was a normal child. When her parents relocated from Tyrena, Corella to Esseles to take a new position as research and design specialists. Two years passed with little important happening to the child. Rapidly discovering a love of her parents crafts, Kia took up learning to design and create small electronics at first. Studying design as most kids learned drawing, Kia seemed to be on the top of her small world, parents that loved her, excellent schooling, and a bright future.

Two years after moving to Esseles, her world would be turned upside-down when during a routine production test her parents were killed after their craft exploded on take off. Now alone, the state took custody of Kia and she entered the realm of foster care. Never fitting into any of the homes they tried placing her in. Always having issues with the adults treating her her like another orphan. Deciding after a year that she would rather face what was out there and find her way back to Corellia on her own, the now nine year old Kia ran away from a family already housing two other foster children.

Her next adventure began when she took shelter from a passing truancy patrol in the doorway of an apartment home. Kia met a somewhat tattered but friendly old man who offered a place to stay without fear of the ones looking for her. Ty let the young girl do whatever she pleased and for the next five years she used the holonet to study her normal schooling as well as fueling her love of design and a new fascination with explosives to learn what it was that took her parents from her. During this time, Ty told the young Kia of her special abilities and began training of a fashion.

After witnessing Ty's death, and her subsequent capture, Kia survived an encounter with one of the soldiers, Kerrie Kiley, aboard her new home at the rescuing hands of the person who would become her true Master and Mentor.
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