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Jett Rhade was born in Coronet City, the main city of Corellia, in 28 BBY, just one year after Han Solo was born. He was born to Gaff and Aisha Rhade. His father went to the Imperial Academy, but as he grew up, he was not that much into it. He joined the Corellian Security Force Academy, where he learned how to handle a blaster. Later, he joined Coruscanti Pilot Institute, but when he knew he had to enroll the Imperial Academy for one year, he left it. After that, he left Corellia on a GR-75 medium transport, as he had no choice because he wasn't eager to join the Imperial ranks.

He arrived to Tatooine, and settled in Mos Eisley for a while. Jett likes gambling and board games a lot. In fact, he won the Hawk (HWK-290) he flies, the Lucky Arrow, in a hand of sabacc (He would modify it later). Some time later, he dedicated to smuggling, working for clans and other groups. His experience in handling starships grew up quickly, as his experience with weapons.

He traveled around the Galaxy for a few years, making a lot of friends and contacts. Right after the Battle of Yavin, he heard of the Rebel Alliance, and he joined right away.

Jett usually carries a DL-44 pistol. When he's not on duty or in a specific-clothing mission, he wears the classical pilot clothing: a white shirt, a dark blue vest, blue pants with a Corellian bloodstripe he earned, a black boots. He is tall, he has brown hair, he usually has not so long sideburns.

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