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Jelena Rodney was born on the planet Alderaan in the final year of the Clone Wars. Her father was Claudius Rodney, then a commander in the Republic Navy and her mother was the former Julia Reln, a professor at the University of Alderaan.

During her birth serious complications arose nearly resulting in her mother's death. If not for the skilled intervention of Doctor Pilaq Tohan her mother would have certainly died. Her father was not present for her birth as his warship was engaged in the climactic Battle of Coruscant. This would begin a chain of important events her father would miss due to his career. This would be the first of many important events in her life that her father's career would cause him to miss.

With her father electing to pursue a career in the Imperial Navy, Jelena was raised by her mother in the Alderaanian Royal court. It was there that she met Princess Leia Organa and first developed a bond that she would carry with her throughout her life.

At the age of four Jelena excitedly awaited the birth of a younger sibling. Unfortunately, joy turned to tragedy when the complications that occurred during her own birth would take her mother's life during the birth of her younger sister, Drusilla. Devastated by the loss of her mother, Jelena moved to her father's homeworld of Delaya where she was raised by her grandparents, Duke Julius Rodney and Duchess Livia Rodney.

The loss of her mother caused her father to throw himself into his career, causing Jelena to spend her youth and adolescence without a strong parental figure. Unlike her younger sister she maintained her mother's graces and developed into one of the most respected young women in Alderaanian society.

Alongside her close friend Princess Leia, Jelena attended the Alderaan Select Academy for Young Ladies. She excelled in her studies and thrived in the Alderaanian court where she developed relationships with many Alderaanians and fostered a deep love for the planet.

Jelena was preparing to enter the University of Alderaan when she received word that she and the rest of her family would be joining her father in his new assignment as commander of Imperial forces in the Ringali Shell. Devastated from having to leave Alderaan and forego her education, a deep seeded resentment towards her father and the Galactic Empire began to brew.

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