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El-Nay Darr was born 21 years before the Battle of Yavin on Concordia, a moon orbiting the planet Mandalore in the outer rim territories. Her father was Odell Darr, a member of Death Watch loyal to the moon's governor, Pre Vizsla. Her mother, Sarin, was a member of the Nite Owls until motherhood forced her out of the warrior lifestyle. When she was less than a year old her father was involved in Vizsla's failed coup of Mandalore that left countless Death Watch and New Mandalorians dead, and the planet in a state of civil war.

Mandalore's troubles were only beginning however, as the newly formed Galactic Empire would soon impose harsh restrictions upon the planet designed to keep the Mandalorians from ever becoming a threat. Unwilling to bear the shame of a warrior stripped of purpose, Odell became one of a handful of Mandalorians who escaped the planet to find work as a mercenary. As a result, El-Nay spent most of her life, far from her people where her mother did her best to educate her in their people's culture.

Her father's mercenary contracts often kept him away from his family, which caused El-Nay mild resentment and drove her closer to her mother. While she was encouraged to play sports, her early interest in shockboxing was discouraged for fear it would ostracize her from her Corellian neighbors and lead her to follow in her father's footsteps. Odell and Sarin vehemently disagreed over how to raise El-Nay, with Odell of the opinion that as long as the Empire dominated Mandalore there was no honor to be had.

Sarin, however, began training El-Nay the Mandalorian ways during Odell's frequent time away from his family. By the time she was fourteen she had already become skilled in hand-to-hand combat, and had begun weapons training. The secrecy had further alienated El-Nay from her father, and when she finally revealed her desire to embrace their culture to him, he coldly rejected her and commanded her to put aside such foolish notions until Mandalore had been restored.

El-Nay, like most teenagers, did not listen to the words of her father and began associating with the mercenaries and bounty hunters that frequented Corellia. Concerned about his daughter's growing flirtation with the criminal underworld, Odell recruited one of the mercenaries he sometimes worked with to keep tabs on her. Over time El-Nay came to view Kerrie Kiley, a Clawdite assassin, as her 'ori'vod', or sister, but was unaware that she was being deliberately held back on her father's orders.

When Kerrie was believed killed by the Empire while attempting to avenge her family, El-Nay's hatred of the Empire grew exponentially, and she began taking on contracts solo. When she turned 21 she decided it was time to embrace her birthright, and in a dramatic act cut and dyed her hair and took her mother's old beskar'gam, which she painted orange to represent her 'shereshoy', or lust for life. As she was finishing painting the armor she was confronted by her mother, and although she was initially shocked by her daughter's appearance, she nevertheless gave her blessing and wished her well on her new path as a 'beroya', or bounty hunter.

At first, El-Nay limited herself to operating on Corellia, but the appearance of a Mandalorian in orange beskar'gam soon drew unwanted attention and forced her to begin operating away from the core worlds. There were many stumbles in her early days and her inexperienced showed itself on numerous occasions, but she learned from each mistake and gradually began developing experience. Her father's shadow loomed large over her, and she lost several contracts as a result of her employer incorrectly assuming they had hired him instead. Rather than bring dishonor to her clan by changing her name, instead El-Nay continues to look for the mission that will establish her name in its own right.

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