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A Hunter's Pleasure, Money Makes Friends, Another One Joins the Team, Soft Target
All that is known for certain is that Dyrdek Roujier was born on Alderaan. To whom or to what lineage, no one is truly certain. Those who have befriended him in the past believe that he knows of his upbringing but refuses to tell anyone of how he was raised. Although, there is one fact that everyone who's known him can agree on, that is that Dyrdek Roujier was a fighter from birth.

As far back as his popularity can take him, in Year 15 he was on his way to Coruscant to fulfill an assassination contract that he had cautiously accepted from Count Dooku. His target was the Senator Lexi Dio of Uyter. What reasons that were behind this contract, were uncertain even to Dyrdek. But he took the contract due to a hefty award that Dooku had promised. A few thousand credits would entice any bounty hunter to take a job.

When he reached Coruscant, it did not take him long to locate the Senator. In the midst of the night, he discovered a way into the building which her suite was located. And through the ventilation system he managed to sneak his blaster rifle for a clear shot. With precise aim he eliminated his target and escaped back into space without a single hitch in his duty. Still to this day, no one knows who killed Senator Lexi Dio.

A few years later Dyrdek took what seemed to him a pointless job from a man who never revealed his identity. He loaded up in his space freighter and took off for the planet Tatooine to track down a smuggler by the name of Dash Rendar. Of course, upon arriving on Tatooine Dash Rendar was nowhere to be found, only a slight hint that the cunning smuggler had left for Alderaan. Which naturally Dyrdek had taken off in pursuit and it was not until almost two weeks after taking the job did Dyrdek find Dash. It was on the planet of Corellia, Dash's home. He had found him in a pub in Coronet, and when encountered Dyrdek took a liking to Dash, which ended up in his ceasing the contract with the man he had taken the job from.

A few months afterwards, the unknown man retaliated against Dyrdek. Under his nose, Dyrdek's freighter and all of his possessions in the freighter were stolen and he was left stranded on Corellia. For some of this time he pulled a few jobs with Dash earning himself enough credits to get back out on his own and his eyes were on Brentaal.

He hitched a starship to Brentaal where he hoped to begin again, figuring he would take as many jobs as possible. Slowly he hopes to rebuild his former glory as a dependable and respected bounty hunter, but until then he will remain on Brentaal curious as to what may come about in the future.

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