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Derek Atio was born on the planet Kirrek in the last decades of the Galactic Republic. His parents worked in the Empress Teta's vast carbonite mines, but dreamt of a life beyond that for their young son. As he grew, he took a keen interest in the various mining equipment that was an integral part of his family's everyday lives.

As Derek reached manhood he was capable of taking apart and reassembling most of the tools he had been exposed to and planned to become a technician, following in his parents footsteps like so many of his people. However, his parents had noticed his aptitude with technology and had scrimped and saved throughout the years to afford a university education.

Initially, Derek was disappointed with his parents' intentions to send him to university … he had made lasting friendships with the miners and looked forward to joining them. A compromise was soon reached when he was accepted into the University of Byblos, one of the galaxy's foremost schools for engineering.

The travel between the Empress Teta system in the Deep Core opened Derek's eyes to the galaxy and the wonderment of spaceflight. By the time he arrived at Byblos, he had chosen to switch majors from mechanical engineering to starship engineering.

During his first two years at the University of Byblos, Derek excelled in his studies and gained the admiration of his peers and instructors. Unfortunately, the sheltered life he led in the Empress Teta system ill prepared him for the university lifestyle. The late nights he spent with his friends drinking and debauching led to a rapid decline in his academic standing. The final straw came when he was found passed out and intoxicated in the university's quad and he was expelled.

Too ashamed to face his parents over the expulsion, Derek traveled as far as Courscant where he found work as an engineer aboard the AA-9 Coruscant freighter Castle Lands. For the moment, he was unaware of the changing climate in the galaxy as a multitude of worlds began withdrawing from the Republic and joined with the charismatic Count Dooku.

As what became known as the Separatist Crisis worsened, the Castle Lands found itself moving displaced citizens from Coruscant to safe worlds as part of the Refuge Relief Movement. The freighter began making regular trips to Alderaan, where Derek met Commander Rhobert Dartanyn, an officer in the Royal Alderaan Civil Fleet. Together, they toured Alderaan Royal Engineers and developed a mutual respect for another as they continued to work to accommodate the refuges.

Following the Battle of Geonosis and the outbreak of war between the Republic and the newly formed Confederacy of Independent Systems, Derek, compelled by his experience with the refuges, chose to enlist in the Republic Navy. With the rank of Petty Officer, he was assigned to the Repulse, an Acclamator-class assault ship. As the Clone Wars raged on, he worked tirelessly in the bowels of the Repulse, keeping her engines operational as she participated in what seemed like a never-ending series of battles. After two years, he found himself caught up in the Battle of Skor II.

When Commander Dartanyn was appointed executive officer aboard the new Venator-class Star Destroyer Superb, Derek found himself promoted to the rank of Sub-Lieutenant and assigned at his request. The war seemed to be intensifying as General Grievous unleashed a series of strikes that threatened the very heart of the Republic. The Superb was among the vessels of the Open Circle Fleet that participated in the culminating Battle of Coruscant.

With the war over and the Republic replaced by the Galactic Empire, Derek was relieved of his obligations and returned to civilian life. The war had changed him, and while it had lasted but three years it felt as if it had been thirty. Having served in the Republic Navy, he was accepted as an engineer by Galactic Tours and settled into obscurity aboard the Kuari Princess.

For eighteen years Derek served as an engineer aboard the Kuari Princess where he enjoyed the quiet life and developed a leisurely lifestyle, but galactic events once again plotted to disrupt his life. The tyranny of the Emperor's New Order had caused worlds once again clash with galactic government and a full-fledged rebellion soon broke out.

As the conflict spread, Commander Dartanyn once again reached out to Derek and encouraged him to join what was quickly becoming the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Initially hesitant to withdraw from civilian life, he became compelled by reports of Imperial devastation upon Mantooine and Fest he agreed.

Derek joined the crew of the CR90 corvette Argo, a Rebel blockade runner commanded by Dartanyn, serving as engineering officer. One of the Argo's first missions was to secure a supply of bacta from the planet Thyferra, but when their transponder failed the Empire soon attacked. The bridge was smashed, killing Dartanyn and the senior officers. From engineering, Derek was able to manually activate the hyperdrive and save what remained of the ship.

With no time to mourn his friend of more than twenty years, Derek was placed in command of the Argo by General Roons Sewell despite having no command experience. He committed himself to completing the goals his friend, and countless others, had given their lives for.

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