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There is little in life that makes one as hard and indomitable as good genes and good upbringing. It can truly turn one into a pinnacle of their species. Dagon Tong is a prime example of this, though neither his genes nor his upbringing were what the galaxy would consider unequalled.  His parents were an odd and ill fitting couple, his father a mercenary and Mandalorian, his mother an intellectual and a geologist who met once and produced a child. Neither was willing to take on the burden of the child, the father having too many wars to fight, and the mother too many minerals to discover. And so Dagon Tong was left in an orphanage on Carida as a newborn.

Though Carida was not yet the Imperial training ground for its storm trooper program, it was still a harsh, seedy planet and produced the same caliber individual. Youth gangs were rather common, and thievery the route to survival. Tong proved to be an excellent survivalist, and prospered enough to leave the planet. Unfortunately, his education was weak at best, and he ended up following the same path that his father had. Soldiering paid well, even before Geonosis, and murder and kidnapping paid far better. He operated primarily in the outer rim for the first half of his life, and a great deal of his time was spent on Tatoonie and Nar Shadda, under the employ of the Hutts.

He was not particular to which Hutt he worked for, so long as it paid his expenses, and on one occasion, was contracted by Torba the Hutt to murder a rival on Nar Shadda. The ensuing attack not only killed the target, but managed to remove most of the target's advisors and allies. In retaliation against Torba, Nickor Grazd, the advisor for the now dead Snobo, unknowingly hired Tong to kill Torba. It was this contract that was life altering for the young mercenary. The contract called not for just the death of the enemy, but for it to be overt and public, at blaster point to shock Grazd's enemies into inaction while he worked to solidify his own claim to Shodo's empire. The young Tong was to aid another, more seasoned mercenary in an assault on the Torba compound. That man was all but legendary in the circles that Dagon traveled, the Mandalorian Kal Skirata. On their first meeting as independent contractors, neither cared for the other much, but an uneasy respect was forged from their very first meeting. Skirata had years of experience, and knew tactics that simply outmatched those of most of the security forces he faced. Tong held a ruthlessness that few men have yet to match, and the capability to learn quickly from example. At the end of the contract, with Torba laying charred across his own throne, the two men shook hands and parted ways.

As the galaxy continued its long road to destabilization, Dagon Tong would eventually find more and more of his contracts coming from a shadowy group inside the Republic. Assassinations became almost his sole source of income, and most of those assassinated were Jedi as they performed missions. On more than one occasion, he found himself hunting with none other than Kal Skirata, who held a certain lack of love for the Jedi in ways that only a Mandalorian could. It was well after the older soldier's wife had left him and taken the children with her, and left the man an alcoholic and nearly broken. Dagon Tong did not so much as rekindle the will to live in the man, but managed to keep him alive on several assignments. One of the more notable instances occurred on Alderaan, where Skirata and Tong were both injured in the assassination of a particular diplomat under the protection of both standard bodyguards and a Jedi Knight. The initial assault was bloody, and though well planned tactically, did not go as foreseen. Skirata was hit early in combat from his post in the back of the speeder that he had used as a hide for the initial shot. The guardsmen of the diplomat were relentless in pressing the assault, leaving Kal perforated with blaster wounds. Between the old Mandalorian adoptee's return fire, and the anti armor rocket launched by his partner into the center of the group, the principle target was finally removed, and left the security force dazed and lying on the landing pad. Tong managed to make his way to the controls immediately after, using the confusion and incapacitated state of the security detail to his advantage, but only after firing a single round through the head of the Jedi responsible for the first warning. Skirata had no illusions as to the motivations of his partner, and why he had survived, but even through the blatant disregard of the Mandalorian traditions that the man held so dear, the respect for the younger man increased.

Though there was no way for the Republic to find the names of the "terrorists" involved in the incident, the Jedi were still sent to investigate. Skirata never came up in the investigation, in face or reputation, no one had seen the man on planet. Dagon Tong on the other hand became a very hunted man, to the point that he could not take a contract without seeing a light saber at some point in the job. It nearly cost him his life on several occasions, though the one that left him the facial scars was by far the worse. Having been hired to kidnap the daughter of one of the nobles of the planet Naboo directly preceding their planetary elections, the Jedi caught up with him. Between the men retained by both the target family, and the Naboo security forces, and the Jedi, the twenty-six year old soldier of fortune was captured by the least favorable of the three. The noble ordered Tong tortured until he revealed the names and locations of those who had hired him. The torture was at first basic, sleep and food deprivation, and hourly beatings to be followed by time spent in the bacta tank to keep him alive for more beatings. When that yielded nothing but the broken hands and stained clothing of the interrogators, they moved on with more advanced methods.  Tong was smuggled off planet to Corellia, where he was placed in the care of a very specialized doctor. Gone were the beatings, and at high expense to his captors, he under went some of the cruelest treatment imaginable. The mild parts of his days were the electro shock treatments to his nerve bundles. The worst were the sessions in which he was cut into, and while under the influence of drugs to both heighten the sensation and make him more willing to talk, suffer burns and direct damage to most parts of his body. The doctor managed to keep Tong wreathing for two standard weeks without respite. In the end, a laxness slipped over the doctor and his staff, their patient gradually becoming more docile, more predictable. That laxness cost them their lives. On his last day of captivity, instead of docilely climbing from the bacta tank as he had done for the majority of his time there, he attacked the guard escorting him. Surprise more than anything gave the weakened mercenary the upper hand, and once he had a blaster in hand, he wasted no time with compassion in the execution of his tormentors, though there was no drawn out torture of those who had scarred him. All would have been for not, as he lacked any manner to retrieve the funds he had stashed away, and had no safe haven on Corellia when the Corellian Defense Force came looking for him in connection with the murders except for an Ordo finding him.

Sudara Ordo was a survivor or the Mandalorian Massacres, and was saved only by Tong's father, Nonda Fett. Ordo had sworn on the day of the execution that he would repay the debt, and at least tell the son of the father's death. His search for Dagon had led him from Coruscant to Naboo and ultimately to Corellia. The Mandalorian found Tong half dead, and lying in an alley on the seedier end of Treasure Ship Row. Even delirious and wounded, Tong mounted a defense against what he saw as a new aggressor. His blaster went dead on the first shot, and that single shot tore a chunk out of Ordo's helmet in a glancing blow, and the hand-to-hand battle that ensued ended only when Dagon's wounds reopened and blood loss left him unconscious. Two weeks later, he awoke on the assault transport that served as Ordo's base of operations. Though the young mercenary showed no outward signs of emotion at the news that his father had been executed by the allies that he had fought for, the Confederacy of Independent Systems, the mental strain represented the final crystallization of the man's mind and ideals. He had never been in contact with his father, but knew that something was owed, if only for the will to survive, the almost ingrained talent for war, and idea that good service was rewarded by death to those who had rendered it was disgusting. The mercenary believed in being paid for work done, and had hunted those who had claimed to have lost the fortune owed him.

A week later, Dagon Tong departed Ordo's ship, and put boots back on the cityscape of Coruscant. There was no ceremonial passing of his father's belongings to him, no eulogy, just the shake of hands between warriors, and he moved on to re arm and re equip. There was an instant shift in the contracts that Tong would accept, his focus coming to bear on the Confederation, and taking on any job against them, regardless of the risk to him. He still lacked much of what it meant to be Mandalorian, his hatred pushing him forward and making him a colder individual. By the end of his mercenary stint, many would come to describe him as having been carbon froze on the inside. There was no thawing of his emotional state, only purpose in every action he took.

The clone wars gave him a new way to focus that hatred. The Grand Army of the Republic was almost entirely clone troopers borne of the archetype given by Jango Fett. Even before the army had been delivered to the Republic, Tong had linked up with Skirata once more. This time however, he was used almost as a check against the Kaminoan creators of the clones. While they looked on Skirata and his favored Nulls as "defective", Tong simply scared them. He aided in the instruction of the Nulls in basic and advanced tactics, and taught through many examples that ruthlessness towards an enemy was the only true way to survive multiple engagements. As distasteful as Skirata might have found some of the younger man's tactics, the respect borne between them almost a decade earlier could not be cast aside. And the fact that Tong protected many of the nulls in their early stages of training from the standard clones, regardless of the fact that it was simply because the Null units needed every null available for simple numbers. The time spent with the Nulls ultimately ended in Tong learning of his heritage in a much more full way than Sudara's brief summary relating to his father's death. Though it did not quite penetrate the cold, hateful shell that Dagon had grown around himself, it did inspire a sense of loyalty, originally to the clones he helped train. After the Republic truly joined war against the Confederation, and the first of the Nulls fell, Dagon Tong requested that Skirata use him as the replacement. One of the first non-clones to serve the Grand Army of the Republic that was not a Jedi, he performed admirably. He was often assigned to Delta and Omega squads when the Nulls were hunting for the head scientist in an attempt to slow their rapid aging, as even as a loyal compatriot, Dagon Tong was cold towards the predicament of his squad mates, and preferred to fight solo against the confederacy. Slowly, he became noticed by the official Imperial officers.

There was no time in the regular Imperial military served by Dagon Tong, instead, it was the eye of the Commando division of the Imperial Stormtroopers that found the now aging soldier to be interesting. Because of his status, their tactics and tests were far more stringent than had they pulled from the standard storm trooper pool. The first order of business for the recruiters was to ensure that their targeted recruit could truly live up to the unspoken reputation he had built. Two separate attempts were made on Dagon's life as nothing more than a test. The first time a single assassin was dispatched, and attempted the subtle route of poisoning him, but made the mistake of having a lavish meal sent to Tong's quarters at the barracks. The meal went untouched and the assassin lost patience and tried a more direct approach. A pneumatic dart gun, the dart poisoned was the second choice, but through simple awareness, and seeing the reflection of the weapon in a panel as he passed, Dagon was made aware, allowing him to turn and shoot the man directly in the forehead and continue on. The second attempt was an actual team of men, who attempted a much more blunt approach, of breaching his room and clearing it. The fact that they wore low light enhancing gear cost them their lives as their uninvited intrusion caused the lights in his quarters to flair, a defense he had set up solely to alert him of intruders while he was gone or asleep. The blaster fire ended less than fifteen seconds after it had begun.

Satisfied that the man he intended to recruit was intelligent and skillful enough to survive the assignments, the Storm Commandos contacted the man through clandestine recruiters. A psychological profile was done, revealing nothing but his hatred for the Confederation. That hatred was the hook the army used to inspire loyalty to the Empire in the mercenary. As operations progressed in the Storm Commandos, and Dagon Tong saw more action as a direct agent of the Galactic Empire, his hatred slowly shifted towards any who would stand against the government he fought for. His advancement through the ranks of the army was agonizingly slow, as the former soldier of fortune's resume was varied, and he was not trusted easily by even those who shared foxholes with him. His ruthlessness was not helpful in earning that trust, but it did eventually out weigh the mistrust, and saw him promoted to Captain and leading troops on Mantoonie and Fest. Both governments were proving slow to join fully with the Empire, and the Imperial Security Bureau and Intelligence agencies had not managed to infiltrate far enough to push either of the planet's leadership to join. Storm Commando assistance was grudgingly requested by the heads of each mission. Mantoonie saw a direct assault on the planet's parliament, the now forty five year old Dagon Tong leading a small unit that infiltrated and struck leaders on both sides of the isle and at a political dinner meeting. Five members of parliament were killed, three of which were in favor of joining the Empire, all gunned down by these "unidentifiable terrorists opposed to the joining of the Galactic Empire." Mantoonie's parliament voted for full assimilation the next week, all but begging the fleet that occupied the sector for protection against these terrorists, since the joining was overwhelmingly opposed by the majority of the parliament before the attack, the politicians feared what the next level would be if they did not stomp these terrorists out, and needed the Empire to accomplish it. A full regiment of storm troopers was deployed to ensure the planet's security, with the over arching thanks of the now ineffectual parliament.

Fest saw a similar set of tactics employed, and a similar call for help. In this instance, the planet was controlled more by a direct democracy, the people themselves voting as to whether or not their planet would join the Empire. Two votes and been close, but given negative responses. The commander of the mission to Fest again called for the aid of the Storm Commandos to bring about the populace to an enlightened decision. Dagon Tong was again called into the system, though this time the actual mission was handled differently. As the majority of the voting for the capital city was done in the sports arena on the weekend, the stadium was rigged with high-powered demolitions charges. At maximum capacity, the stadium held several thousand people, and the body count was never finalized when the dust of the explosion cleared. Under the impression that this attack was to keep the general public from voting to join the Empire, the planet requested Imperial aid in securing the next voting session. With Imperial aid, the voting went off without a hitch, and over ninety percent of voters had requested that Fest join with the Empire.

These two success in particular saw the middle aged warrior promoted to the rank of Major, putting him in command of the Ringali Sector special operations.

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