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Meysen Kayson's Pii system, Arkanis sector on the border of the Mid and Outer Rims, home to the Greel Wood Logging Corporation founded in the first days of the Empire and one of the first Rebel Alliance training grounds and safe havens, Bival Rhett was also one of the first children of the Rebellion. Laying low after successfully evading the proponents of the New Order and arriving at Pii 3, the first permanent Rebel base was established by a mixed squadron of ARC-170, Z-95, and Y-wing starfighter pilots.

Rhett's parents, a starfighter pilot and a mechanic, met before the reestablishing of contact to the fledgling Rebel command. While their squadron remained stationed on Pii 3, Outlander squadron Quartermaster Amaranth Rhett became pregnant with her first of two children. Rhett's formative years were spent with a dwindling number of fighter craft, and an abundance of pilots as craft were scavenged for spare parts. Bival's father, Zakarius, was able to spend time with his family in between missions as pilots were rotated to available craft. Amaranth maintained her position as squadron quartermaster, as few skilled personnel were available, and so it was not uncommon for Bival to watch a squadron launch with his father Zakarius and then spend time with his mother attempting to maintain the vessels they possessed with the dearth of supplies they had.

Bival became nothing short of a mechanical prodigy, learning the art of substitution from his mother, but where his heart lay was in becoming a starfighter pilot like his father. At the age of six, Bival commandeered the Z-95 assigned to his father for a training mission by sneaking inside while Zakarius said good-bye to his family. By the time they noticed Bival was missing, the cockpit canopy was sealed. Bival, however, never made it off the ground; nevertheless, he was not to be dissuaded from wanting to fly from then on.

Zakarius began allowing his son simulator time in the one aging unit the squadron possessed, often late at night when he should have been sleeping. In several instances, they were caught by Amaranth, who could do nothing but merely chide the two rather than spoil what father-son time they had together.

By the time Bival was ten, all of the squadron's ARC-170s lay in pieces as they gradually required more maintenance and had fewer parts available. New craft seldom arrived, and when they did, it was in ones or twos to replace pilots lost along the way. When Bival was twelve, the news arrived after a raid on an Imperial medical supply shipment. Bival's father wasn't coming home. The Z-95 he'd been piloting had been tag-teamed by the Empire's new TIE fighters, and there had been no rescue beacon.

The remaining Rhetts were devastated, none more so than Amaranth, who had done all she could to maintain all of the squadron's starfighters equally because she never knew which her husband would be flying. Over the next few years, Bival drifted away from his family, often watching squadron launches alone and logging hours in the simulator unit that eventually broke at the age of fourteen, while continuing to work professionally as a mechanic with his mother, while his new family became the pilots. Eventually, at the age of sixteen, the squadron commander allowed him to be fitted for a flight suit and join a training mission.

His first real time up could not have gone more wrong. Their training mission, which required several hyperspace jumps through nearby systems ran straight into the path of an Imperial patrol. As the aging Dreadnaught deployed its meager compliments, some of the Rebel pilots that had less experience than Rhett and his thousands of hours in a flight simulator panicked, and forgot their training. The instructors and Rhett managed to protect most of the students and fend off the TIE squadron, Rhett himself earning three confirmed kills in a Z-95. The Outlanders, having lost three rookies to the TIEs and reducing the TIEs by eleven, managed to withdraw and return to Pii 3. Rhett earned his wings that day, and the rank of Ensign as he was accepted into the Rebel Alliance starfighter corps. His transfer was almost immediate, as Outlander squadron was being disbanded, its pilots re-equipped and shipped elsewhere. Quartermaster Amaranth Rhett and Ensign Bival Rhett barely got time to bid good-bye before they were separated, while Bival's younger sibling remained in the relative safety of the Pii system for the immediate future.

Bival's next assignments passed relatively quickly as he was constantly moved by Rebel command from one base to the next as the Alliance kept moving, always with the Empire nipping at its heels. Rhett was eventually permanently assigned an X-wing and redeployed to the Ringali Nebula to a forming squadron.

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