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Era of Rebellion, Moving Day, Plots, Schemes, Etcetera, A Sting is Born, A Snake in the Lair, Eliminating the Competition, Duplicity, A Series of Unfortunate Events, All Bets Are Off, The Pawn, The Raid, Resistance, Questions and Answers, Innocence Lost, Get Out of Jail Free, Leverage, Unexpected Alliance, Cradled, In the Tank, Promotion Commotion, A Day Long Remembered, The Moff's Speech, Inappropriate Conduct, Thank Heaven for Little Droids, Tremayne, Diversion Tactic, Witch Hunt, Upon Closer Inspection, The Welcoming Committee, Vivisection, The Dull Blade, Web Spinners, The End of the Beginning, The Fall of Arden Zevrin, Ruminations on Revenge, Foiled Grand Entrance, Unfortunate Daughter, The Retributor, Error Code: 0x0959286, Regifting, Puppetmaster, Stay of Execution, Plots and Plans, Pretty Little Liar, The Long Trip Home, Checkmate, Clever Manipulation, Unleashed, Running With the Wolves, Real Love is Forever, The Pieces are Moving, R&R: Retributor and Recovery, Love and Marriage, A Million Ways to Die, Opening Act, The Show Must Go On, Zevrin's Malicious Masterpiece, Unfair Deals, Judgment Day, Finding Farrah, The Past Can Hurt
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