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Akilist Volkov, son of Vrasken and Delayia Volkov, was born approximately twenty-five years prior to the start of the Clone Wars. Akilist's father, Vraskin Volkov, served with the Republic military as a support specialist and training coordinator at the local academy on their home world of Corulag. The popular training facilities on Corulag and his fathers involvement with the Republic, paved the way for Volkov's inevitable interest in the armed forces throughout his adolescence. Vrasken Volkov clearly encouraged young Akilist's infatuation with the military by hauling him around the academy on frequent occasion.

"Attention! You'll be taking orders from this little guy one day," Vrasken would jokingly comment to his teenage trainees. A playful salute would come from each of the future officers of the Republic as young Akilist would salute them with a bold look on his face. Indeed Akilist had become a major personality at the academy and drenched himself in the attention that constantly surrounded him.

Vrasken would sometimes take young Akilist into the depths of the jungle that surrounded the academy in order to gain privacy and valuable time with his son. It was in the jungles that Akilist would learn the meaning of warfare at the age of seven. Vrasken would go over detailed battle tactics and strategies with Akilist in order to give him an understanding of the nature of warfare. Often put to the test by his father's playful pupils beneath the heavy overlapping canopy of green, Akilist would excel.

Akilist, being born into a very wealthy family, considered his future to be of the most importance to continue his family's high standard of living. This trait was very common amongst the citizens of Corulag as its lustrous economy represented the idea and dream of the Republic. Akilist wanted nothing greater than to leave his own mark on Corulag, or perhaps the galaxy.

Akilist was anything but shallow minded as it was no surprise to his father to see his son follow partially into the footsteps of his mother. Delayia Volkov was a very warm hearted and enlightened politician that was well loved by the people of Corulag. The adventurous Akilist would soon open new doors to pave his way through unfamiliar territory. Akilist would quickly find himself immersed and addicted to the topics of interests and heated arguments that consistently flared throughout his mother's private committee. Not only did Akilist succeed on the training grounds of the academy, but his desire to be heard allowed him to shine brightly amongst his peers. To nobodies surprise, at the age of sixteen, not only was Akilist now old enough to join the academy, but also ready to take on a part time position upon his mother's staff.

Volkov's achievements within the academy stretched beyond comparison as his eight year tenure with the academy granted Akilist the rare honor of Corulag's Decorative Shield of Valor. Akilist was also recognized as a vocal and exertive leader of Corulag behind the podium. Volkov had become a powerful speaker and motivator of the people and his time spent in office alongside his mother had granted him invaluable experience to build upon his future political pursuit.

At the age of twenty-four, Akilist was recruited in order to maintain and organize Coruscant's Private Security Force. It was a time of peace and prosperity for the Republic under the direction of Supreme Chancellor Kalpana. It did not take long for Chancellor Kalpana to instill his outright most valued trust into Akilist. There were no secrets to be withheld, Volkov's extensive knowledge and understanding of security and the military in general was obvious. Through his loyal and dedicated devotion to the Republic, Akilist earned the ranking of Lieutenant within the chancellor's very own Coruscant Royal Guard.

The time for Supreme Chancellor Kalpana had come and passed. A new face would replace that of an old friend, as Senator Valorum would fill the void in the seat of power. The transition was of no difficulty to Akilist, as he barred well and always tried to keep the ones around him comfortable with his loyalty and desire to serve. Like Kalpana, Volkov became privately involved with the coordination of Valorum's doings and continued to garner popular support for his home world of Corulag.

Supreme Chancellor Valorum's rule was shortly lived however, and it would not take long before Volkov's life would be thrown into total chaos. The young but elegant Queen Amidala had chosen to protest the chancellor's dealings with a competitive vote of no confidence. Shortly after, the Republic would replace its melody with a new song, a new voice of the republic, Senator Palpatine of Naboo. A new light was cast onto the people of the Republic. A glimpse of hope was born as Supreme Chancellor Palpatine's promise to end the tyranny of the Trade Federation gave him firm ground to act upon.

Still under the control of the chancellor's Coruscant Royal Guard, Akilist Volkov found comfort in the confident manner in which Palpatine carried himself. Palpatine was well aware of Volkov's history with the Republic and took refuge into his knowledge of his security forces. Several different neutral systems had now joined together to form the Confederacy of Independent Systems, including the Trade Federation. The ever slippery minded supreme chancellor intended on using Volkov's powerful voice of the heavily military minded world of Corulag to his advantage. With a close knit bonding between the supreme chancellor and Volkov, Palpatine could now use the most advanced officers the Republic had to offer from Akilist's home planet to fuel his war machine.

After the inevitable outbreak of the Clone Wars, Palpatine deemed it top priority to promote Akilist Volkov to the ranking of Colonel. The supreme chancellor eventually persuaded Colonel Volkov that his value to the Republic would be best well served on the front of the war effort. Soon after, Akilist would be dispatched to the war torn region of the Ringali Shell to aide in relief of General Shaak Ti on the planet Brentaal IV.

Brentaal IV would provide Volkov with an unexpected and daunting challenge that would put everything he'd ever learned to the test. In what would become a successful defense of Brentaal IV, Akilist became revered as a war hero of the Galactic Republic. After the successful defense of Brentaal IV, Colonel Akilist Volkkov would return to Coruscant to brief the supreme chancellor personally. During his private council with the chancellor, Volkov stressed the importance of ending the carnage that had unfolded widespread throughout the galaxy as the full weight of the confederacy bared down onto them. After Volkov's expression of an idealistic maneuver into the senate, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine now viewed Volkov as a direct threat and obstacle to his master plan as his popularity spread throughout the known galaxy. With Volkov's new found glory at hand, Palpatine's betrayal would soon be set into motion.

Planet after planet had been liberated from the force induced control of the Confederation of Independent Systems. The Clone Wars was now coming to a close as Republic forces closed in on the remaining bands of small confederates that scurried untested throughout the outer rim. Palpatine had now become ready to show his cards as he gave direct orders for Akilist to be dispatched to the outer rim planet of Alzoc III in order to rid the system of remaining Confederation of Independent Systems forces. Palpatine's treachery proved undoing as Volkov's shuttle imploded on impact with the surface of the planet. An explosion had occurred from the interior of Volkov's craft as pieces of shrapnel scurried along the pavement followed by the darkened gloom of bellowing smoke. Akilist lied helplessly amongst the rubble of the disaster with his body covered in the distinctive color of red blood. The left side of Volkov's head had been shattered and split to the bone across his left eyebrow. A young but well seasoned officer by the name of Adwin Carrington rushed to the scene of the crash in an effort to aide any survivors of the catastrophe. After recognizing what seemed to be a human body laying disfigured on the permacrete landing platform, Adwin Carrington drug the Colonel out of the fiery midst to rescue him.

After the rescue of Volkov, Carrington noted the distrust that had been bestowed through the new self-proclaimed emperor of the first organized Galactic Empire as news of Jedi being slaughtered around the galaxy reached his ears. Carrington in a sense would then perform his own betrayal. The time had come for Akilist to act. He was known all but dead to the galaxy now and had no choice but to go into hiding as Emperor Palpatine's agents probed even the farthest reaches of the known galaxy.

The galaxy was changing, things would no longer be as they once were. System after system would eventually fall to the might of the newly evolved Empire of the Old Republic. The clones of yesterday that once brought order, peace, and justice to the Republic now ravaged and pillaged all that opposed the will of the emperor. Systems burned one by one under the ever watchful eye of Emperor Palpatine. The masterful manipulative and yet ingenious plan of the emperor had been successful.

Colonel Akilist Volkov and Sergeant Adwin Carrington would soon depart their own ways and begin their journeys of the ride of fate in whichever direction their paths may lead them. Akilist would need a spot of hiding, a place of protection, and a sense of support. The moon reminded Akilist of so many nightmares of the past. The shroud of death loomed about the small world.

Klaxon, the city of refuge had now become Volkov's home. There would be no possibility of showing his presence around his homeworld of Corulag any longer. The entire planet had long been one of the emperor's strongest supporters. Even his mother wouldn't find peace in such a society. Volkov lived in utter secrecy amongst the protection of a society that practically desired him from his recent history with the town. Throughout Volkov's many years of secrecy, it was not only of fate that he would once again have to answer the call to arms.

Akilist had established contact with long time friend and Senator Garm Bel Iblis. A priority report had warned Akilist Volkov of a gathering in which would be taking place on Alderaan to bring together all remaining hierarchy from the remains of the Old Republic. A trap perhaps? Rather daring or not, it was a risk that Akilist had to take. A short time later, Colonel Akilist Volkov would once again leave behind the city of Klaxon to continue on the expedition of what he considered life.

The gathering had brought in many familiar faces under extremely unusual circumstances. Amongst the parties available included Senator Mon Mothma, Seantor Bail Organa, Chie Eekway, Terr Taneel, Fang Zar, Giddean Danu, General Cracken, General Dodanna, and of course, Volkov himself. After seventeen long awaited years to bring justice to Palpatine and his followers, the time had come. Now declared the Supreme Commander of the newly crafted Rebel Alliance, Mon Mothma would begin her deployment of her most trustworthy officers to begin their designated campaigns against the evil of the Galactic Empire.

Akilist Volkov had achieved far beyond what he could have ever possibly dreamed. But now the time had come to take the next step of the process in which Volkov would surely leave his mark. Now a general within the Alliance to Restore the Republic, the scenario seemed all too familiar. General Akilist Volkov had been issued orders to take refuge in a large droid mining facility, dating back to the early stages of the Clone Wars. A mining station that had eventually drifted off of its course after the deactivation of all droid armies had now found a new home amongst the brilliant array of lights that surrounded it. A base nestled within the heart of paradise, an illustrious nebula.

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